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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Here’s How You Can Find Your Apple Watch UDID

View the article's original source Author: Ali Salman It’s been a few months since the launch of Apple Watch and developers are still exploring the technology it beholds and how it...
Apple Airpods

Apple generated more revenue from AirPods than Spotify, Twitter, Snapchat and Shopify combined

When they came out, the Apple AirPods met with some criticism regarding their design, price and, above all, because they came to cement the death of the 3.5 mm...

Apple suppliers will move production of AirPods to Vietnam

Different factors are making China no longer the preferred country for mass production of consumer technology. In addition to the current trade war between China and the United States,...

Microsoft Translator Translates 50 Languages Right From Apple Watch

View the article's original source Author: Ali Salman The whole reason for the introduction of the Apple Watch was to drag a small portion of the iPhone experience to our wrists, and users have...
Apple Watch

Apple Watch already sells more than the entire Swiss watch industry combined

A study by the US technology market analytics portal Strategy Analytics on 'wearable' devices states that Apple Watch's sales in 2019 exceeded those of the entire Swiss watch industry. After...

Enhance Your iOS Experience With These Nifty Tricks

View the article's original source Author: Ali Salman iOS made its debut in 2007 with a simplistic design language, even though there were a lot of mobile OS already present. As...

40% Of Devices Are Running iOS 8.4 In Just Over A Week Of Release

View the article's original source Author: Ali Salman 30th of June marked the day for the arrival of Apple Music which became part of Apple’s latest update to the iOS lineup,...
iPhone SE 2020

Apple introduces the second-generation iPhone SE

As rumors have it, Apple announced the second generation of the iPhone SE, the terminal that Cupertino's team launched in mid-2016. This handset does not replace the iPhone 11 or...

Turn Off Apple Music On iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X – How To

View the article's original source Author: Uzair Ghani Don’t use Apple Music on your iPhone, iPad or your Mac? Here’s how you can turn it off completely and turn things to...

IPhone’s jailbreak is dead: the largest repositories are closing

Two of the most important repositories in the jailbreak world have closed because, basically, almost nobody is interested in "freeing" their iPhone or iPad in this way. The death...
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LG V35

LG gives up: will leave the cell phone business

It had been rumored on one occasion or another and, finally, it is official. LG, one of the longest-lived cell phone manufacturers, is closing...

The Importance of ARM Gateway and Network Technology in Edge Computing

Edge computing is rapidly changing data collection, processing, and delivery. The growing demand for the IoT is one reason for driving the need for...
AI Dungeon

This infinite AI-driven RPG will blow your mind with its stories and answers, and...

Surely if someone proposes you to play a conversational RPG like those of yesteryear, you will think of other ways to spend your free...
IT downtime

How Does IT Downtime Affect Employee Wellbeing?

IT downtime is something that most business owners strive to avoid as much as possible because it negatively impacts productivity and customer experience. You may...
Discord logo

Xbox negotiates possible purchase of Discord

Microsoft and Xbox are in negotiations for the possible purchase of Discord. This is what Bloomberg assures based on its sources, a media that...
Trump social network

Trump decides to create a social network for himself and his followers

Since almost all social networks have been expelling Trump for inciting hatred and violating their policies of use, the former president has decided to...
Whereby video calls

Whereby: video calls without applications or installations, just with a link

Remote meetings have been a constant feature of our lives for months, and most of us have had to try a wide variety of...

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