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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

iPhone X price

A new category has been born: too expensive mobiles Do you know what's better than a $ 1,000 mobile? A mobile of 1,348 dollars. That is precisely what costs the...

iPhone 7 headphone plug

Handyman added a headphone jack to an iPhone 7 The guy who built an iPhone 6S with pieces of Chinese stores has gone back to the beat. This time he...

Microsoft Translator Translates 50 Languages Right From Apple Watch

View the article's original source Author: Ali Salman The whole reason for the introduction of the Apple Watch was to drag a small portion of the iPhone experience to our wrists, and users have...

Microsoft Launches A Fully Loaded Outlook App For Apple Watch

View the article's original source Author: Ali Salman Microsoft has taken a step further on its support for the Apple Watch by updating its Outlook app for iPhone. If you already...

iPhone 8 price

The iPhone 8 will not exceed $1,000, but the price outside the United States will be  greater The iPhone 8 may be the most premium iPhone of all, and therefore,...

How To Make Apple Watch Faster And Reduce Lag

View the article's original source Author: Uzair Ghani Here’s a simple trick that will make your Apple Watch much faster and reduce lag. Once you’re done, your apps will launch much...

How To Completely Remove A Mac App And All Of Its Settings

View the article's original source Author: Uzair Ghani Here’s how you can completely remove a Mac app on OS X along with all of its saved settings and preferences. Once done,...

Thunderstrike 2 Is The First Ever Mac Security Worm

View the article's original source Author: Uzair Ghani In an interesting yet scary development, a group of researchers were able to develop the first ever firmware worm that can infect Macs,...

Bendgate Is Back; Latest Thermally Bent iPhone 6 Pictures Surface As We Head Towards...

View the article's original source Author: Ramish Zafar Well, well, well. Folks over at Apple must be quite busy this time of the year, with the upcoming iPhone 6S launches, which...

Take Better Photos Using iPhone Camera – The Definitive Guide

View the article's original source Author: Uzair Ghani Here’s how you can take the best possible photos using just your iPhone camera. Our guide will ensure that you end up taking the...
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Destiny 2 Beyond Light

What will be the future of Destiny 2?

A few of weeks ago, Bungie Studios kicked off the 11th season of Destiny 2. Titled the "Season of the Arrivals", it has brought...
Angry woman

Can technology help us be (or seem to be) more polite?

PITTSBURGH--In a tense time when a pandemic rages, politicians wrangle for votes and protesters demand racial justice, a little politeness and courtesy go a...
Windows File Recovery tool

Microsoft launches its own tool to recover deleted files

Microsoft has announced the launch of Windows File Recovery, a new tool that will allow users of its operating system to recover files deleted...
Indian woman with smartphone

The New Cold War: TikTok, WeChat and dozens of other Chinese apps have been...

The consequences of the open political front between China and India in recent months are also reflected in technology. In a new move by...
SoC AMD Zen 2

Why does Epic Games say that PS5 is “a masterpiece” of system design?

With PlayStation 5 on track for the end of the year, one of the most talked about topics is the console's SSD and its...
Crysis Remastered

Release date and first images of Crysis Remastered filtered

The release date and first screenshots of Crysis Remastered have been filtered. As you can read on the Microsoft Store product page, Crysis Remastered will...
Hong Kong skyline

US revokes Hong Kong’s ‘special status’ over risk of diverting “dual-use technology” to Beijing

Pessimism is spreading in Hong Kong as it is assumed that the end of preferential treatment by the United States will also soon extend...

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