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Monday, January 24, 2022

Brexit at a standstill: British parliament rejects all alternatives to May’s plan

None of the four alternatives to the Brexit plan that British House of Commons MPs voted on Monday night achieved a majority. Parliament rejected proposals that would have brought the...

More than half of the cars in circulation in Norway are electric

Just curiosus: Norway makes most of its money with the Northern Sea oil exports According to official statistics from the Norwegian Road Federation, more than half of the cars in...

Asian long-horned tick spreads uncontrollably through New York City

The long-horned tick (Haemaphysalis longicornis) is native to the temperate areas of eastern and central Asia, including China, Korea and Japan, as well as certain Pacific islands such as...

Europe bans disposable plastic plates, cutlery and cups

MEPs voted almost unanimously - 560 votes in favour, 35 against, 28 abstentions - for a definitive ban on disposable plastic items, such as plates, cutlery, glasses, cotton swabs,...

Measles strikes Rockland County in New York

Measles, a serious viral disease that spreads rapidly through the air through sneezing or saliva generated by coughing, is affecting New York City, specifically Rockland County, which already has...

Six shots to the chest kill Mafia boss Frank Cali in New York.

Mafia boss Francesco 'Frank' Cali, leader of the Gambino family, was shot dead Wednesday night in front of his home in New York, according to Police. Cali, 53, was shot...

Brexit: collision course

The British and EU negotiators have met again in Brussels on Monday, but everything seems to indicate that it is a formality and that there is no possibility of...

The United Kingdom suffers a devastating wave of stabbings among young people

Spanish David Martinez, (26 years old), has been identified as the latest fatal victim of the wave of stabbing that has overtaken the United Kingdom for some time. With...

National blackout and chaos in Venezuela

An electrical failure in the Guri generating plant has caused a national blackout in all of Venezuela minutes before 5pm local (10 pm GMT). Caracas and the 23 states...

The trade deficit grows despite Trump’s tariffs and promises

Two key issues for the president, such as foreign trade and immigration, turn against him. The trade deficit soared in 2018 to levels of a decade ago and the...
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Steam autumn sale

Steam surpasses 27 million concurrent players

Steam has only needed a few months to break its own record. Valve's digital store has registered a peak of 27,384,959 players, which leaves...

Xbox Cloud Gaming performs better on Xbox One than the console itself

A technical analysis compares the performance of Xbox Cloud Gaming on Xbox One to that of the console hardware itself. The result? Cloud gaming...
Instagram logo on mobile

Instagram will allow all its users to share links in stories

Among Instagram's most interesting options is that of sharing links through stories. It is an ideal tool for content creators, as they can optimize...

Why are Russians reluctant to get vaccinated against COVID?

Starting this October 28, businesses and other public places will remain closed in Moscow and its surroundings. Only pharmacies and premises selling food will...

New MacBook Pro is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the...

The first 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros are arriving in the hands of happy users. One of them has decided to open his new...

FDA approves reduced dose of Pfizer vaccine for children 5 to 11 years of...

After more than seven hours of meeting, the experts of the U.S. regulator's advisory panel gave the green light to the recommendation, with 17...
Mac laptop

Is Your Mac Slow? Check for Viruses First

Apple devices are robust and reliable; that is why Mac computers are more costly than Windows PCs. Most people prefer purchasing a Mac since...

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