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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

You’re more likely to win the lottery than you are to be allergic to...

There is little chance you are actually allergic to vaccines and, if you are, your allergist can give it to you. Only one in 760,000 vaccinations will respond with anaphylaxis....

What’s the brightest star in the night sky?

At night you can't miss the spectacle of looking for and seeing Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky. Is it the brightest star? Yes and no. For...

Why don’t insects living in frozen regions freeze?

In the case of organisms living in freezing habitats, a particularly potent antifreeze protein is able to dominate the preponderance that ice has over water and "persuades" water molecules...

Choosing to forget something takes more mental effort than trying to remember it

Choosing to forget something might take more mental effort than trying to remember it, according to new research. A new research suggests that in order to forget an unwanted experience,...

NASA warns that India’s anti-satellite missile test left 400 fragments of space debris

NASA said the test carried out by India in space, which consisted in testing an anti-satellite missile, leaving more than 400 pieces of orbital debris orbiting, has been a...

The majority of the world’s bird population originated in Australia

These birds—also known by their order name, passerines—comprise more than 6,000 species, including familiar birds like cardinals, warblers, jays, and sparrows. Passerines make up more than 60 percent of...

People can think like computers?

Computers, like those that power self-driving cars, can mistake random scribbles for trains, fences, and even school busses. People aren’t supposed to be able to see how those images...

Mars Helicopter ready to take off on Mars 2020 mission

The U.S. space agency presented a few moths ago the Mars Helicopter and it has now passed the main tests. It is a vehicle quite different from what we usually...

A toddler’s language data fits on a floppy disk

Language acquisition between birth and 18 is a remarkable feat of cognition, rather than something humans are just hardwired to do, according to new research. Researchers have calculated that, from...

Brain would continue to create neurons until we turned 90

The brain, the organ in charge of centralizing the activity of the nervous system, would continue to produce neurons until the age of 90, according to a scientific study...
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On average, there is about one ‘marsquake’ on Mars per day

On November 26 2018, the NASA InSight lander successfully set down on Mars in the Elysium Planitia region. Seventy Martian days later, the mission’s...
Wuhan coronavirus

Coronavirus is not a pandemic … yet: 77,362 cases and more than 2,600 deaths

“Does this virus have pandemic potential? Absolutely, it has. Are we there yet? From our assessment, not yet,” WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told...
Electric bass

Guitar tuners II

Pedal Tuners This format is the king of live performance for several reasons: first one is that it can be integrated into our pedalboard, another...
Fat around arteries

Maybe we need fat around arteries after all

New evidence suggests that the fat around our arteries may play an important role in keeping those blood vessels healthy. The finding could affect how...

Mindfulness has been shown to have benefits in treating conditions such as anxiety and...

Merely a brief introduction to mindfulness helps people deal with physical pain and negative emotions, a new study by researchers at Yale, Columbia, and...
Business pitch writing

Tips when editing the content of your business pitch

You can’t expect the first draft of your business plan to be the same as what you will pitch to potential investors during the...
Solar panel install

Boost your solar power business with online solutions

By far the biggest expanding industry in Australia, the solar energy sector is growing exponentially, as more and more home and business owners see...

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