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Friday, August 19, 2022

Choosing to forget something takes more mental effort than trying to remember it

Choosing to forget something might take more mental effort than trying to remember it, according to new research. A new research suggests that in order to forget an unwanted experience,...

5 things you need to know about becoming more data-driven

Data-driven is quickly becoming the hottest buzzword in tech. Everything is data-driven these days, from decision-making to campaign formulation and production planning. To be data-driven is to be one...

NASA warns that India’s anti-satellite missile test left 400 fragments of space debris

NASA said the test carried out by India in space, which consisted in testing an anti-satellite missile, leaving more than 400 pieces of orbital debris orbiting, has been a...

The majority of the world’s bird population originated in Australia

These birds—also known by their order name, passerines—comprise more than 6,000 species, including familiar birds like cardinals, warblers, jays, and sparrows. Passerines make up more than 60 percent of...

Brexit at a standstill: British parliament rejects all alternatives to May’s plan

None of the four alternatives to the Brexit plan that British House of Commons MPs voted on Monday night achieved a majority. Parliament rejected proposals that would have brought the...

More than half of the cars in circulation in Norway are electric

Just curiosus: Norway makes most of its money with the Northern Sea oil exports According to official statistics from the Norwegian Road Federation, more than half of the cars in...

Asian long-horned tick spreads uncontrollably through New York City

The long-horned tick (Haemaphysalis longicornis) is native to the temperate areas of eastern and central Asia, including China, Korea and Japan, as well as certain Pacific islands such as...

People can think like computers?

Computers, like those that power self-driving cars, can mistake random scribbles for trains, fences, and even school busses. People aren’t supposed to be able to see how those images...

Mars Helicopter ready to take off on Mars 2020 mission

The U.S. space agency presented a few moths ago the Mars Helicopter and it has now passed the main tests. It is a vehicle quite different from what we usually...

A toddler’s language data fits on a floppy disk

Language acquisition between birth and 18 is a remarkable feat of cognition, rather than something humans are just hardwired to do, according to new research. Researchers have calculated that, from...
Twitter icon

Massive hack on Twitter

Twitter confirms hacking of millions of accounts: change your password and these security settings Twitter has confirmed an attack revealing the identity and data of...
How to Turn Getting Better Sleep Into a Fun Game With Technology

Getting better sleep

How to Turn Getting Better Sleep Into a Fun Game With Technology There is no one in this world who doesn't want to get better...
Minecraft character

Minecraft bans blockchain

Minecraft says NO to NFTs and bans blockchain technology in Minecraft client Minecraft refuses NFTs outright: it doesn't consider them fun and bans blockchain technology...
God of war Raganarok

God of War: Ragnarok launch trailer

God of War: Ragnarok launches with a cinematic trailer and introduces special editions For several weeks there have been rumors about the release date of...
How to Get Started Using an Analytics Cloud Platform

How to Get Started Using an Analytics Cloud Platform

A cloud analytics platform is an excellent tool for quickly and easily analyzing data. It can run reports, perform data analysis, and develop models....
2007 Steve Jobs iPhone presentation

iPhone Anniversary

Today is the anniversary of a launch that would change the world Today, exactly 15 years ago, Apple launched the original iPhone in the United...
Programming Languages ​​Mobile Applications

The Most Popular Programming Languages ​​for Mobile Applications

Becoming a mobile app developer in 2022 is much easier compared to 10 years ago. Today, the resources are plentiful, and languages have evolved...

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