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Saturday, July 11, 2020
Volcano in Iceland

Iceland prepares for the eruption of the Grimsvötn volcano after 1,500 earthquakes in 24...

In the last few days, seismic activity in Iceland has not stopped increasing and scientists warn that everything points to an eruption of the Grimsvötn volcano, the most active...

A fugitive mocks Pennsylvania Police on Facebook and ends up arrested after revealing her...

On March 27, the Greene County Sheriff's Office in Pennsylvania, USA, published a list of the most wanted fugitives on its Facebook page. Chloe Jones was on the list,...
Money bowtie

When it comes to investing, conservatives may have a built-in advantage

A central tenet of long-term investing is to hold riskier investments such as stocks over holding cash or bonds, which are considered less risky. Through various studies that included...

How do gorillas feel the death of their relatives?

It is now known that many animals exhibit unique behaviors around same-species corpses, ranging from removal of the bodies and burial among social insects to quiet attendance and caregiving...
Carbon coal plant

Shutdown of coal-fired plants in US saves lives and improves crop yields

The decommissioning of coal-fired power plants in the continental United States has reduced nearby pollution and its negative impacts on human health and crop yields,...

NASA warns that India’s anti-satellite missile test left 400 fragments of space debris

NASA said the test carried out by India in space, which consisted in testing an anti-satellite missile, leaving more than 400 pieces of orbital debris orbiting, has been a...

More than half of the cars in circulation in Norway are electric

Just curiosus: Norway makes most of its money with the Northern Sea oil exports According to official statistics from the Norwegian Road Federation, more than half of the cars in...
Fake mustache

In the end, everything ends up being known: never lie on your resume

A recent study by ResumeLab in the United States concludes that 36% of candidates claim to have lied on their resumes, and 93% know people who have made up...

Additional costs (not thought) of the opioid epidemic: $37B in tax revenue

The opioid epidemic may have cost state and federal governments in the United States up to $37.8 billion in lost tax revenue due to opioid-related employment loss, according to...
Polluted water

The water crisis is spreading silently around the world

Smoke on the water In some regions, rivers and lakes are so polluted that they are literally catching fire. Prime examples include the Bellandur Lake in Bangalore, India, which has...
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The world’s most widely used tool for creating websites cannot avoid security flaws

Although for a large part of the general public, talking about WordPress means going back years in the history of the Internet and having...
Destiny 2 Beyond Light

What will be the future of Destiny 2?

A few of weeks ago, Bungie Studios kicked off the 11th season of Destiny 2. Titled the "Season of the Arrivals", it has brought...
Angry woman

Can technology help us be (or seem to be) more polite?

PITTSBURGH--In a tense time when a pandemic rages, politicians wrangle for votes and protesters demand racial justice, a little politeness and courtesy go a...
Windows File Recovery tool

Microsoft launches its own tool to recover deleted files

Microsoft has announced the launch of Windows File Recovery, a new tool that will allow users of its operating system to recover files deleted...
Indian woman with smartphone

The New Cold War: TikTok, WeChat and dozens of other Chinese apps have been...

The consequences of the open political front between China and India in recent months are also reflected in technology. In a new move by...
SoC AMD Zen 2

Why does Epic Games say that PS5 is “a masterpiece” of system design?

With PlayStation 5 on track for the end of the year, one of the most talked about topics is the console's SSD and its...
Crysis Remastered

Release date and first images of Crysis Remastered filtered

The release date and first screenshots of Crysis Remastered have been filtered. As you can read on the Microsoft Store product page, Crysis Remastered will...

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