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Friday, August 19, 2022

Too much passionate about your paid job? There can be costs

If someone is passionate about what they do, we see it as more legitimate to exploit them, according to new research. The findings show that people see it as more...

Strange new species of duck-billed dinosaur identified

The most complete skull of a duck-billed dinosaur from Big Bend National Park, Texas, is revealed in the Journal of Systematic Palaeontology as a new genus and species, Aquilarhinus...

Are forests our best weapon against climate change?

Around 0.9 billion hectares—roughly 3.5 million square miles—of land worldwide would be suitable for forest restoration, which could ultimately capture two-thirds of human-made carbon emissions, say researchers. In the journal...

Are really big companies so clumsy at innovation?

New research counters a longstanding assumption about big companies: that they’re less efficient in their investment in innovation. With a swipe of gel and a strip of plastic, Procter &...
Hurricane Isaiah

Isaiah makes landfall in North Carolina as a Category 1 hurricane

Hurricane Isaiah made landfall on Monday night off the coast of North Carolina, with maximum sustained winds of up to 140 kilometers per hour, according to the U.S. National...
Microglia and Alzheimer plaques

Mouse brains don’t form Alzheimer’s plaques at all when microglia is removed

A new way to forestall Alzheimer’s disease in a laboratory setting could one day help in devising targeted drugs that prevent it. Researchers found that when they removed brain immune...
Facemasks at the marketplace

Fear of coronavirus infection makes masks more expensive for those living in regions at...

At a news conference in Geneva, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus urged against stockpiling to ensure that healthworkers and those infected with the virus could still obtain them. Today in...

Additional costs (not thought) of the opioid epidemic: $37B in tax revenue

The opioid epidemic may have cost state and federal governments in the United States up to $37.8 billion in lost tax revenue due to opioid-related employment loss, according to...

Teen claims to be Timmothy Pitzen, missing since 2011

On May 11, 2011, 6-year-old Timmothy Pitzen was taken to Greenman Elementary School in Aurora, Illinois by his father James. However, his mother, Amy, took him out of class...

South Korea records highest daily number of coronavirus infections in almost two months

South Korean officials reported 40 new cases of coronavirus on Wednesday, the highest daily number of infections in nearly two months, coinciding with the beginning of a new phase...
Twitter icon

Massive hack on Twitter

Twitter confirms hacking of millions of accounts: change your password and these security settings Twitter has confirmed an attack revealing the identity and data of...
How to Turn Getting Better Sleep Into a Fun Game With Technology

Getting better sleep

How to Turn Getting Better Sleep Into a Fun Game With Technology There is no one in this world who doesn't want to get better...
Minecraft character

Minecraft bans blockchain

Minecraft says NO to NFTs and bans blockchain technology in Minecraft client Minecraft refuses NFTs outright: it doesn't consider them fun and bans blockchain technology...
God of war Raganarok

God of War: Ragnarok launch trailer

God of War: Ragnarok launches with a cinematic trailer and introduces special editions For several weeks there have been rumors about the release date of...
How to Get Started Using an Analytics Cloud Platform

How to Get Started Using an Analytics Cloud Platform

A cloud analytics platform is an excellent tool for quickly and easily analyzing data. It can run reports, perform data analysis, and develop models....
2007 Steve Jobs iPhone presentation

iPhone Anniversary

Today is the anniversary of a launch that would change the world Today, exactly 15 years ago, Apple launched the original iPhone in the United...
Programming Languages ​​Mobile Applications

The Most Popular Programming Languages ​​for Mobile Applications

Becoming a mobile app developer in 2022 is much easier compared to 10 years ago. Today, the resources are plentiful, and languages have evolved...

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