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Sunday, January 26, 2020
Office technology

The Benefits Of Technology In The Office

There is no doubt that technology is everywhere in the workplace and to think of a business workplace without any technology doesn’t bear thinking about. If you look at...
Business risks 2020

Staying Ahead of Business Risk in 2020

Who would have imagined a few years ago just how important data security would become? Today, data is one of the most sought-after commodities in every industry. Every business knows...

A Guide to Setting Up a Launderette

When starting a business, it is, of course, paramount that the product or service you are offering is in demand, and when you consider that everyone needs clean clothing,...
Business ideas

Essentials for business success in 2020 and beyond

Markets are changing quickly, adjusting to the rapid digitization and globalization that have come to define the economy of our age. Within this sea-change, businesses need to be alert...

Retail Merchandising & POS System

Retail merchandising refers to different activities that take place in your business that contribute towards improving sales. The merchandising process can be specific such as selecting product colors, choosing...
Hacker by Clint Patterson

Why cyber-security is essential for every business

Cyber security is not something you can afford to overlook, and whether you run a one man show or a multi-national corporation, your confidential data is always at risk....
Truck driver

What are the self-employed jobs that artificial intelligence is already threatening?

Self-employed people who work in some of the most popular—but lowest paid—occupations have the greatest risk of losing their job to artificial intelligence, experts say. With both self-employment and AI...
Startup office

7 necessities every online startup business should have

When beginning your entrepreneurial journey, checklists are going to be your best friend. It’s easy to get caught up in the momentum and forget crucial aspects needed to get...
Facebook Libra

France warns that the EU will not authorise Facebook crypto currency

The French Finance Minister, Bruno Le Maire, warned on Thursday that the European Union (EU) will not authorise the crypto currency Facebook wants to launch because it calls into...
Ice cream

Why consumers try to avoid awkwardness but want to feel special at supermarket?

When making food choices when we’re with friends, we tend to want to match characteristics that others can measure or rank, such as size or price, but feel free...
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China censorship

China, desperate to censor information about the Wuhan virus on the social media

The so-called "Wuhan virus" is so new that it is only known by the name of the region in China where the outbreak is...
Cannabis plant

Edible cannabis products are now sold in Canada

From 16 December 2019, edible cannabis products are permitted to be sold in Canada. These must comply with new regulations for edible, inhalable and...
Shark attack map

Are you afraid of being attacked by a shark? You shouldn’t be

Shark attacks in 2019 were unusually low for the second year running, with 64 unprovoked bites in 2019, researchers report. According to the University of...

Looking for strategies to limit the amount of time your teen spends gaming?

Eighty-six percent of parents agree that teens spend too much time gaming, but many may be...
Hazelnuts and measuring tape

Becoming less active and gaining weight: Downsides of becoming an adult

Leaving school and getting a job both lead to a drop in the amount of physical activity, while becoming a mother is linked to...

How do cybercriminal gangs form?

New research identifies common attributes of cybercrime networks, revealing how these groups function and work together to cause an estimated $445-600 billion of harm...

How to mark your three favorite whatsapps at the top of the list

Android allows you to implement the 'Set Chats' feature, which allows you to place up to three chats at the top of your WhatsApp...

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