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Tuesday, January 21, 2020
How opening your own company might change your life 00

How opening your own company might change your life

Working for someone else is great for most people, but have you thought about how starting your own business might change your life? These changes can be both positive and...

3 things you can do to grow your business

Let’s face it; growing a business is almost like raising a child. Like with most things, there’s a lot of trial and error, but much more is at stake....
Importance of lab equipment maintenance

The importance of lab equipment maintenance

One of the most important aspects of running a laboratory is ensuring that all machinery and equipment is well cared for. Your lab equipment is one of your biggest...
Things must business next level

2 things you must do to take your business to the next level

If you’re happy to see your business remain stagnant for the entirety of its existence, then you shouldn’t be in business at all. Quite simply, you should always be...

Should NBA limit rookie salaries to incentivize players to finish college?

Going pro early may be a no-brainer for exceptional, young basketball stars like former Duke freshman and 2019 NBA draft first-pick Zion Williamson. But a study in the "International...
Financial precarity

Financial precarity affect people’s abilities to do their jobs

Increasing financial precarity among middle class Americans has negative consequences for their employers, research finds. “There is a business interest in individuals’ financial wellness,” says Carrie Leana, professor of organizations...
Website design

How to create an error-free website

The internet is such a vast entity, with more websites than any one person could ever hope to see. Each one of those websites has been created with varying...
Money leaks

4 ways to stop money leaks within your organisation

In some cases, businesses fail because the market changed, they weren’t able to meet sales objectives, or they simply didn’t have a good product. But in some cases, it...
Beat Saber

Facebook buys an ‘indie’ video game studio to enter this business

Facebook wants to continue growing and be present in all booming industries. For example, the business of banking and money. On the one hand, the social network company continues...
Net links

The 10 keys of link building for SEO

Link building represents one of the most effective SEO positioning strategies of all. Here are the 10 most important keys of this strategy. Do follow Make sure that the link you...
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How do cybercriminal gangs form?

New research identifies common attributes of cybercrime networks, revealing how these groups function and work together to cause an estimated $445-600 billion of harm...

How to mark your three favorite whatsapps at the top of the list

Android allows you to implement the 'Set Chats' feature, which allows you to place up to three chats at the top of your WhatsApp...
Night sky

Can dark matter particles have temperature?

Physicists are taking the temperature of dark matter, the mysterious substance that makes up about a quarter of our universe. We have very little idea...

5 tips on how to avoid accidents in construction work

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the authority in workplace safety in the UK, reports that 57% of fatal and non-fatal injuries in 2019...
Man dreaming

Tech tips to drive business success

In the last decade, there have been many incredible technological developments that have completely transformed the business world. As a business owner, it is...
Tik Tok

The child grooming, the dark side of Tik Tok

The 15-second music video application Tik Tok was the fourth most downloaded social application last year, but it proved to be a difficult year...
Frozen car

What you should never do to remove ice from your car’s windshield

With the arrival of the cold weather it is very important to have the windshield and wiper blades in perfect condition, especially in areas...

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