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Wednesday, January 22, 2020
Hotel towels

6 important software solutions for the hospitality industry

Hospitality is a multibillion dollar industry that encompasses food and drink services, lodging, transportation, theme parks, traveling and various aspects of tourism. In recent years, there has been a...
ID card

Why do you really need IDs for your business? Your top questions answered

It can be said that security is a constant risk for any business, and if you would like to protect your business establishment and premises in the best possible...
Women working in the office

6 tech tips insurance companies need to know

The digital age has changed how every industry operates, and the insurance industry is not an exception. New software solutions and technology trends have changed the way insurance businesses...
Tesla supercharger

Tesla is already worth more than the two biggest American car makers… together

When we talk about Tesla, it is easy to think of a simple startup in its early days; a dwarf that faces giants with innovative concepts and a technology...

Shopify, for online retailers who don’t want to be ripped off by Amazon

Any entrepreneur who has decided to set up an e-commerce business in recent years has heard of Shopify. The popularity of this Canadian platform among entrepreneurs is due to...
Online shopping dark patterns

What are the “dark patterns” used by online shops?

“Dark patterns” meant to push people shopping online into spending more are startlingly common, according to a new study. The researchers found that dark patterns appear on more than 1...
Financial infidelity

Hiding purchases, debt, and savings constitute “financial infidelity” with your partner?

New research digs into when hiding purchases, debt, and savings constitute “financial infidelity,” and provides a means for predicting its occurrence within relationships. The study is the first systematic investigation...
Small business challenge how to take care of the big tasks 00

Small business challenge: how to take care of the big tasks

One of the most challenging aspects of running a small business is handling the tasks that need to be done no matter what size your company is. Only you...

5 factors influencing home value

One of the guiding principles of economics is that something is as valuable as someone is willing to pay for it. That doesn’t mean that every salesperson can name...

5 tech essentials to aid self-employment

Self-employment can be difficult for people just starting to become sole traders. Luckily, there are many tech tools and current tech advancements that can help you to ace self-employment,...
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How do cybercriminal gangs form?

New research identifies common attributes of cybercrime networks, revealing how these groups function and work together to cause an estimated $445-600 billion of harm...

How to mark your three favorite whatsapps at the top of the list

Android allows you to implement the 'Set Chats' feature, which allows you to place up to three chats at the top of your WhatsApp...
Night sky

Can dark matter particles have temperature?

Physicists are taking the temperature of dark matter, the mysterious substance that makes up about a quarter of our universe. We have very little idea...

5 tips on how to avoid accidents in construction work

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the authority in workplace safety in the UK, reports that 57% of fatal and non-fatal injuries in 2019...
Man dreaming

Tech tips to drive business success

In the last decade, there have been many incredible technological developments that have completely transformed the business world. As a business owner, it is...
Tik Tok

The child grooming, the dark side of Tik Tok

The 15-second music video application Tik Tok was the fourth most downloaded social application last year, but it proved to be a difficult year...
Frozen car

What you should never do to remove ice from your car’s windshield

With the arrival of the cold weather it is very important to have the windshield and wiper blades in perfect condition, especially in areas...

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