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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Find Out Who Unfriended You On Facebook With This Sneaky App

View the article's original source Author: Ali Salman Facebook has been a psychological frenzy for many years now, enabling you to make friends from any corner of the world with minimum...

3 Content Marketing Opportunities You Are Missing

View the article's original source Author: Heidi Cohen Most marketers laser focus on building their own audience. This makes sense since “know your audience” is the second step...

Why #Hashtags Are Critical to Your Social Media Success

View the article's original source Author: Bart Caylor Our most recent social media blog included several comments on LinkedIn regarding hashtags. Retired educator started the comment discussion by asking: “Still...

Content Marketing Performance Checklist: 1H2015

View the article's original source Author: Heidi Cohen If you’re like me, you probably can’t believe 2015 is half over. Before starting your 2016 content marketing plan process,...

The Social Media Revolution: Make Money Or Die

View the article's original source Author: Heidi Cohen “No taxation without representation” was the rallying point that started the protests and rebellions that led up to the...

How to increase student attendance at school activities? There is an App for that!

View the article's original source Author: Jeff Walrich One issue facing every athletic director is finding ways to have students attend sports events on campus. The same holds true here at...

Avoid These Social Media Mistakes in Higher Ed Marketing

View the article's original source Author: Bart Caylor Social media has been all the rage since the mid 2000’s. Starting with MySpace and moving through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the influence...

Millennials Outnumber Boomers: The Meaning For Marketers

View the article's original source Author: Heidi Cohen Millennials now outnumber boomers. Dear marketers, while numbers vary based on how different organizations bracket the age groups, have no...

Anonymously Ask A Black Person Passes 3K SMS & Featured In Just Kidding Films...

View the article's original source Author: info@socialwayne.com (Wayne Sutton) Since relaunching Anonymously Ask A Black Person the traffic and SMS we receive come and go. Somes days we get one...

Users Can Now Sign Up For Messenger, Even Without A Facebook Account

View the article's original source Author: Omar Sohail Facebook had previously removed the ability of its social networking app to send and receive messages; an operation which had to be carried...
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Plasma thruster

Helicon plasma thruster for small space platforms

Researchers from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) and SENER Aeroespacial, alongside French and German scientists and technologists, will validate the performances and...
E-scooter renting

How much does your e-scooter know about you and how long will it take...

Micromobility vehicles, such as e-scooters, zip in and out of traffic. In San Antonio alone, over 12,000 scooters are on...
Human resources

Employees’ rankings breaks cooperation but, can it be restored?

«First prize is a Cadillac Eldorado, second prize a set of steak knives, third prize you're fired». What Alec Baldwin introduces in a famous...
Smart speakers

Can my smart speaker gossip about me with my housemates?

Surveys show that consumers are worried that smart speakers are eavesdropping on their conversations and day-to-day lives. Now University of...
Robot juice

Would you drink a fruit juice made by a robot?

After working on their product for over a year, RoboJuice has finally announced plans to open next May its first location in the Bay...
Ketogenic diet

Research shows ketogenic diet might hurt you after about a week

A ketogenic diet—which provides 99% of calories from fat and protein and only 1% from carbohydrates—produces health benefits in the short term, but negative...
China censorship

China, desperate to censor information about the Wuhan virus on the social media

The so-called "Wuhan virus" is so new that it is only known by the name of the region in China where the outbreak is...

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