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Thursday, February 20, 2020
Tesla 3 crash video

Viral video: Tesla Model 3 crash with Autopilot

Autopilot doesn't mean Tesla cars have "autopilot". In fact, Autopilot is a driving aid, more advanced than the rest, but just an aid. That means that the driver should...
Tuvalu beach

TV domains provide the small island nation of Tuvalu with one out of every...

Tuvalu is a small country located in the middle of nowhere, at a point in the Pacific between Australia and Hawaii. Its population of around 11,000 people spread over...

Filmocracy: a free platform for independent movies

If you already have your favorite platforms for watching movies and series online, they are most likely among the best known, and therefore usually have mainstream or popular content....

Russia has successfully tried to disconnect its network infrastructure from the rest of the...

The Russian government, immersed in a policy of technological sovereignty, this week launched a series of tests to see if its national Internet infrastructure (known in Russia as RuNet)...

The German Football League broadcasts the first match in portrait format

The DFL - German acronym for Deutsche Fußball Liga, German Football League - has set a small milestone in audiovisual history: it has made the first transmission of a...
Flickr website

Flickr launches a distress alert

Today, Flickr has nowhere near the relevance it once had in its glorious years. Today, this social platform for photographers is experiencing significant economic hardship. The situation is so complicated...
Streaming music services

Would you like to create your own streaming music service? It’s not difficult

The web is currently one of the most relevant music distribution channels. Proof of this is the explosive level of adoption that various streaming music services have had in...
Smart city

These are the four main technological trends in 2020

At this time of the year many adventurous people - consultants, analysts, experts, gurus, companies, ...- try to guess the trends of the year that begins in a few...
Fake news

There’s a surprising source of misinformation on controversial topics – it’s you

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Along with partisan news outlets and political blogs, there's another surprising source of misinformation on controversial topics - it's you. A new study found that people given...
Syringe vaccines

Can misinformation spread through social media actually kill people?

In a warning over dangerously low vaccination levels and large outbreaks in several countries - spurred on by social media “misinformation campaigns” – the UN health agency insisted that...
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Electric guitar

Guitar tuner: a must for guitar players (I)

The tuner is a typical purchase for those who are starting with the guitar. It is very normal that at first a friend or...
Coronavirus structure

Is a coronavirus vaccine on the way?

Researchers have created the first 3D atomic scale map of the part of the 2019 coronavirus that attaches to and infects human cells. Mapping this...
Life insurance for children

Do I really need life insurance for my children?

Depending on who you ask and what you read, purchasing life insurance for your kids is either a terrible idea or a stroke of...
Business trends

Six key business trends in 2020

There are many current business trends that will shape the year ahead and beyond for companies in all industries. As a business owner, it...
Windows 10 video editor

Windows 10 comes with a video editor yet again

Without us even realizing it, Microsoft has suddenly added a great video editor to the Windows 10 photo app. Once we open it, we'll...
Google Titan keys

What are the Google Titan keys for?

Mandatory for all Google employees, these USB keys made by the search giant serve as an additional authentication factor to protect online accounts. It...
Vaccine misinformation

Where people get their bad vaccine info from?

People who rely on social media for information may be more likely to be misinformed about vaccines than those who rely on traditional media,...

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