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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Google offer for Snapchat

Google tried to buy Snapchat for 30,000 million dollars in 2016, today the offer is still on the table, according to BI In the world of technology companies there is...

Pluto TV, watch more than 100 TV channels online, free and legally

One of the coolest things about having an Internet connection is that you always have entertainment of all kinds within reach of a click. While some of the best...

Four Reasons to Buy a Domain Name for Your Online Business

Starting an online business is a large undertaking. There are several things you must accomplish before opening your doors. One of those things is buying a domain name. Of...

Apps That Will Help You to Quit Smoking

Even though you have been advised and lectured to quit smoking a million times, only you know that the job is easier said than done. Technology has played a...

Airportraits, the website that turns a ‘selfie’ into a classic painting

It's not an app and when you use it, it doesn't ask you for any information. In the age of social networking, everything is fast... ephemeral. We leave behind Faceapp,...

3 Goals to Keep in Mind When Building a Professional Knowledge Network

Knowledge has been the most valuable human asset. Ways of storing and distributing knowledge have evolved from cave drawings to wide space of the Internet. Networking has been gaining momentum...

Cashless Society: A Closer Look

Have you ever imagined a society in which everything is bought and sold without using any paper bills or coins to pay or receive payments? The concept of a...

Online privacy begins to die in the US

User data on the Internet may be marketed by telecommunications companies in the United States, following passage of a law in the House of Representatives with 215 votes in...

Spotify and record companies reach an agreement to place sponsored songs in the playlists

Are you a free user of Spotify? Then you may soon find yourself with nasty surprises while listening to music. We are talking about songs that appear in the...

Cloud is the new black

By Guilherme Sesterheim, Business Innovation at ilegra, a global technology and business solution company I heard "cloud is the new black" during a training session inside a Google's office. You...
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Sony negotiates purchase of Crunchyroll anime service for $950 million

Technology giant Sony is negotiating the purchase of Crunchyroll, the anime streaming service, for approximately $957 million (100 billion yen). The information comes from...

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on PC requires up to 250 GB...

Activision announced this Thursday the minimum and recommended requirements for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, including the necessary free space on the...

Today Pacer is launched on PS4 and PC, an anti-gravity racing game

R8 Games announces that Pacer, a new anti-gravity racing and combat game, is released today on PS4 and PC with a price tag of...
iPhone search

According to the Financial Times, Apple is working on its own search engine

One of the new features of iOS 14 was based on its own search tool, which went beyond the terminal itself to show web...

Do you feel like playing or training?

This game can also be considered a kind of virtual reality training. It is called Oh Shape and it is inspired by Beat Saber,...
Zuckerberg US Congress

US Congress accuses Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google of monopolistic practices

A 16-month investigation by a U.S. Congressional committee now yields its results in relation to the functioning and operation of the country's major technologies....
Rogue Company

Rogue Company becomes free to play after gathering more than two million players in...

Starting today, all those who want to launch into Rogue Company battles will be able to do so without having to go through the...

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