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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Google’s ‘My Account’ Now Offers Enhanced Management Controls Over Privacy and Security

View the article's original source Author: Ali Salman Annoyingly, Google knows a lot about its users preferences and priorities in terms of enumerable elements. However, little did you guys know about...

Don’t Worry Real Madrid FC Tickets Now Available

There is hardly any doubt that football is the widest followed game not only in Europe and South America but also across many other countries across the world. It...

Godaddy virtual servers are down

Tons of websites were today lost in cyberspace because Godaddy suffered a massive failure in its virtual servers service. While this website is actually hosted in a virtual server in...
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Retail Merchandising & POS System

Retail merchandising refers to different activities that take place in your business that contribute towards improving sales. The merchandising process can be specific such...
Fortinte black hole

A black hole swallows ‘Fortnite’: is it the end of the video game?

Fortnite has been absorbed by a black hole and its fans have panicked and even speculate with the end of the video game before...

Where did the ice from the lunar craters come from?

While a majority of the icy deposits on the moon are likely billions of years old, some may be much more recent, according to...
Polluted area

Has the Climate Action Summit served any purpose?

Dozens of commitments were made at the Climate Action Summit 2019 hosted by the UN Secretary-General, in New York in September. Chief amongst them was...
Blood donation

Japanese researchers create artificial blood that works for any blood group

A group of Japanese scientists has developed an artificial blood that could work for any patient, regardless of their blood type, as explained in...
Pinterest Lite app

Pinterest launches a “Lite” version of its application

The most popular applications and services have opted to offer users "Lite" versions of their applications. An option that users appreciate as it is...
Vulpera and Mechagnome

World of Warcraft’ adds two new races: Vulpera and Mechagnome

The next World of Warcraft update is called Visions of N'Zoth. It will bring new invasions of the god in Pandaria and Uldum. In...

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