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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The Internet Archive expands its library of classic video games with 2,500 titles

The Internet Archive has added 2,500 new classic video games to its library. From now on, titles such as Alone in the Dark or The Elder Scrolls: Redguard are...

How to find great monthly parking offers online and save money

Whether you’re a student who’s going back to school or someone who can’t wait to receive the latest grocery flyer in the mail, everyone enjoys saving money wherever possible....
Bitcoin mining

The mining of crypto coins on websites generates 800 tons of CO2 per year

Web mining is a method of cryptomining that takes advantage of web visitors by transforming the capacity of their devices into crypto currencies while the browser is on or...
Under construction

How many websites are there on the Internet?

Who doesn't remember that blog he opened in the early 2000's? Or that website he uploaded for a university job, or the institute? Well, many, many of those dead...
Cyber security agency

The crucial reasons why you need a robust cyber security system and strategy for...

Cyber crime is all too real, and businesses who have been a victim of cyber crime will readily attest to the importance of a strong cybersecurity strategy and system....
Google home speaker

Your smart home devices are insecure and this website tells you why

A new website can help you understand the security risks internet-connected devices might bring into your home. Consumer-grade internet of things (IoT) devices aren’t exactly known for having tight security...
Snding SMS through iPhone

How to send text message from computer to phone?

Text messaging—whether it is through default SMS protocol or messaging apps—has proved to be one of the most convenient channels of communication. Although feature-rich messaging apps sometimes overshadow default...
Disney films

Why is Disney+ such a serious threat to Netflix?

Homer Simpson, Darth Vader, Iron Man, Buzz Lightyear and Captain America are property of the Disney empire and, since november, will be enjoyed exclusively by subscribers to Disney+, its...
Youtube direct messages

Youtube eliminates direct messages next September

The YouTube video platform has announced it will remove the direct messaging feature from its application for mobile devices and tablets, which until now allowed users to chat, on...
8Chan logo

After the shooting in El Paso, the creator of 8Chan asks for the closure...

8chan, launched in 2013, has become one of the most dangerous places on the Internet in terms of the supremacist radicalization of some of its members, as it has...
Ford Mustang Mach E

New Mustang Mach E, Ford surrenders to electricity

A couple of years ago, thinking about a future full of electric cars was more of a dream than a possibility. However, electric cars...
Counting money

Google will offer banking accounts and Facebook will allow payments from its app

They call them GAFA. It is the acronym for Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon, the four most famous and powerful companies among which are...
Business ideas

Essentials for business success in 2020 and beyond

Markets are changing quickly, adjusting to the rapid digitization and globalization that have come to define the economy of our age. Within this sea-change,...
Fortnite player

Why are gamers spending less on micropayments?

Micro-transactions or micropayments, with or without boxes of loot, annoy players, tired of continuing to pay after having presumably bought the "whole" video game....
Broken Netflix tv screen

Why will Netflix stop working on older TVs?

A few days before it was announced that Netflix will cease to work on some Samsung, Vizio and Roku devices, a company representative offered...
Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer

New trailer for ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’: Sega’s film returns to its origins after the...

We already have a new trailer for 'Sonic the Hedgehog', scheduled for release in February 2020. The film has been directed by the debutant...
Whatsapp business catalog

Small businesses can now present their product catalog within WhatsApp

WhatsApp has introduced its new catalog feature. Catalogs are a kind of mobile store where companies can display and share their products so that...

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