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Sunday, February 23, 2020

How Wi-Fi technology has changed the tech landscape

The universal integration of Wi-Fi during the last decade has had a profound impact on nearly every aspect of modern life. Internet enabled devices such as smartphones now allow...

Western Digital unveils its first portable SSD

Western Digital Corporation has just introduced its fastest portable drive, the SSD My Passport, designed to be small and manage massive files anywhere. It achieves up to 515 MB /...

In virtual reality, you will not be able to escape advertising

The virtual reality poses new ways of consuming content, and precisely HTC wants to take advantage of this format for that future in which, among other things, there will...

Most Smart TVs in the world can be hacked

It was a logical step, giving the televisions with their own operating system and intelligent capabilities, could therefore be victims of attacks. Now, according to Rafael Scheel, a researcher...

Some interesting facts more about the Samsung S8

Both the Galaxy S8 and the S8 + are full of interesting details. One of the highlights? The AKG headphones with a value of 99 dollars. Beyond the main features,...

Xperia Touch, a projector to transform any surface into a touch screen

The Sony team took advantage of the presentation during the Mobile World Congress to talk about the Xperia Touch, a device capable of projecting images that has attracted the...

External battery for laptops

Razer Power Bank is a new idea of ​​Razer, so that the autonomy of our laptops do not leave us half way and we always have a plan B...

Wave of the future: Terahertz chips a new way of seeing through matter

Electromagnetic pulses lasting one millionth of a millionth of a second may hold the key to advances in medical imaging, communications and drug development. But the pulses, called terahertz...

Protecting quantum computing networks against hacking threats

As we saw during the 2016 US election, protecting traditional computer systems, which use zeros and ones, from hackers is not a perfect science. Now consider the complex world...

New techniques allow greater control of smartwatches

Smartwatches aren't the easiest things to control, with their small screens and owner't bulky fingers. Georgia Institute of Technology researchers have invented new ways to interact that provide a...
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Business pitch writing

Tips when editing the content of your business pitch

You can’t expect the first draft of your business plan to be the same as what you will pitch to potential investors during the...
Solar panel install

Boost your solar power business with online solutions

By far the biggest expanding industry in Australia, the solar energy sector is growing exponentially, as more and more home and business owners see...
BPA free plastic

Alternative chemical BPS could be just as harmful as BPA in water bottles and...

Is BPA-free plastic safe? New findings with mice suggest the alternative chemical BPS could be just as harmful. For decades, scientists have studied BPA extensively...
Water quality at home

Your home’s water quality can vary from room-to-room

The findings challenge the assumption that the water in a public water system is the same as the water that passes through a building’s...
Electric guitar

Guitar tuner: a must for guitar players (I)

The tuner is a typical purchase for those who are starting with the guitar. It is very normal that at first a friend or...
Coronavirus structure

Is a coronavirus vaccine on the way?

Researchers have created the first 3D atomic scale map of the part of the 2019 coronavirus that attaches to and infects human cells. Mapping this...
Life insurance for children

Do I really need life insurance for my children?

Depending on who you ask and what you read, purchasing life insurance for your kids is either a terrible idea or a stroke of...

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