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Friday, August 19, 2022

5 essential tools every aspiring youtuber needs

Many people have considered trying to earn money or want to become famous by setting up a YouTube channel and publishing videos. However, mistakes and shortcuts can cut your...

How to improve your gaming experience at home

The world of gaming has blossomed over the past ten years and is now a big part of people’s lives. With internet speeds getting quicker and machines getting more...

4 ways to incorporate technology into your weight loss plan

In truth, you only need to consume fewer calories than you burn each day to lose excess weight, but if it were that easy, people wouldn’t be buying dietary...

Beat the heat and protect yourself – and your plants – with the latest...

Greenhouses have long been used to facilitate the growth of plants, particularly during the harsher winter season. Greenhouses have always served an invaluable purpose, making sure that our precious...

Affordable tech every biker needs to have

Whether you are whizzing through the suburbs delivering pizza on your scooter or tearing up asphalt with your 1000cc superbike, it is important to be well equipped. With today’s...

Office items to help you survive your 9 to 5

It’s a tough job to stay active and attentive in the office. Amidst the paperwork and the meetings, the long hours of idle and wait time are what mostly...

Smart watches market does not run, and things could go worse

The consulting company eMarketer had long ago, so much confidence in smart watches as many other companies, analysts and media. These devices have been losing strength with the passage...

3 Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones

Even though spending a bit of time with your friends and family is, without a doubt, entertaining, each time when Christmas comes around, it seems that most people start...

Librem 5 Linux smartphone

Librem 5, the smartphone that wants to fight with Android and iOS The domain of Android and iOS in the mobility segment is absolute, and there seems to be no...

Learn to play real piano

Hi-Lite Piano for learning to play real piano On the Internet we can find many tools to facilitate the process of learning to play the piano. Despite this, most of...
Twitter icon

Massive hack on Twitter

Twitter confirms hacking of millions of accounts: change your password and these security settings Twitter has confirmed an attack revealing the identity and data of...
How to Turn Getting Better Sleep Into a Fun Game With Technology

Getting better sleep

How to Turn Getting Better Sleep Into a Fun Game With Technology There is no one in this world who doesn't want to get better...
Minecraft character

Minecraft bans blockchain

Minecraft says NO to NFTs and bans blockchain technology in Minecraft client Minecraft refuses NFTs outright: it doesn't consider them fun and bans blockchain technology...
God of war Raganarok

God of War: Ragnarok launch trailer

God of War: Ragnarok launches with a cinematic trailer and introduces special editions For several weeks there have been rumors about the release date of...
How to Get Started Using an Analytics Cloud Platform

How to Get Started Using an Analytics Cloud Platform

A cloud analytics platform is an excellent tool for quickly and easily analyzing data. It can run reports, perform data analysis, and develop models....
2007 Steve Jobs iPhone presentation

iPhone Anniversary

Today is the anniversary of a launch that would change the world Today, exactly 15 years ago, Apple launched the original iPhone in the United...
Programming Languages ​​Mobile Applications

The Most Popular Programming Languages ​​for Mobile Applications

Becoming a mobile app developer in 2022 is much easier compared to 10 years ago. Today, the resources are plentiful, and languages have evolved...

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