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Thursday, December 12, 2019
Escobar Inc foldable smartphone

This is the mobile launched by Pablo Escobar’s brother

Escobar Inc, the company founded by Roberto Escobar, brother of the legendary drug trafficker Pablo Escobar, has just launched a folding smartphone that, in the words of its creator,...
House snow winter

Smart devices for your home to fight the cold and save money

Devices to make your home a smart home are becoming increasingly popular. Smart homes make life easier for us and with them we contribute to energy saving, and saving...
Smart TV

The security of Smart TVs is in question, and not a hacker but the...

It is very likely this Black Friday you have finally decided to change your TV for a new model, bigger, with better image and above all, more advanced. These intelligent...

Finally they created an easy (and legal) solution to avoid mobiles in the theatre

The mobile has become an appendix to us, so much so that it is difficult for us to get rid of it even in situations in which we should...
Bullet SSD

A 2TB SSD the size of a pendrive?

Bullet SSD is presented as a portable external solid state drive capable of storing up to 2TB of data, boasting 500MB/s read and write speeds. Its size is surprising, as...
Neuron T-One

Neuron T/One: an electric pickup (that looks like a pickup)

Neuron EV is a new Californian company that promises to manufacture electric trucks and pickups in the future. At the beginning of November they announced their existence with renders...
Amazon Prime Air drone on ground

Thefts of the 21st Century: hijacking delivery drones

With three types of attacks directed at these vehicles, the team of researchers from the UBC's Faculty of Applied Sciences managed to get them to divert their targets, delay...
Boston Dynamics robot dog

Spot, the Boston Dynamics robot dog, already on patrol for the police.

There are already robots patrolling the streets of Massachusetts (USA), and it is not a trial of the robotics company Boston Dynamics, but a real test of the State...

How to create credible virtual walking sensations?

A research team consisting of Professor Michiteru Kitazaki from the Toyohashi University of Technology, Associate Professor Tomohiro Amemiya from the University of Tokyo, and Professor Yasushi Ikei from Tokyo...
Ford Mustang Mach E

New Mustang Mach E, Ford surrenders to electricity

A couple of years ago, thinking about a future full of electric cars was more of a dream than a possibility. However, electric cars have been increasing their relevance...
Financial infidelity

Hiding purchases, debt, and savings constitute “financial infidelity” with your partner?

New research digs into when hiding purchases, debt, and savings constitute “financial infidelity,” and provides a means for predicting its occurrence within relationships. The study...
Anxiety safety signals

Use ‘safety signals’ as self-therapy to combat anxiety

There could be a new way to combat anxiety: When life triggers excessive fear, use a safety signal, researchers say. For as many as one...
Asteroid Bennu

Bennu asteroid is spewing bits and no one knows why

There are three possible explanations for the particles that asteroid Bennu is tossing into space, say scientists behind NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft. Shortly after OSIRIS-REx arrived...
Gmail inbox

Basic tips for freeing up space in your Gmail account

Google's email service, Gmail, has a limited capacity that you must also share with Google Drive and Google Photos. In total they offer you...
Small business challenge how to take care of the big tasks 00

Small business challenge: how to take care of the big tasks

One of the most challenging aspects of running a small business is handling the tasks that need to be done no matter what size...
laboratory glove

Science is usually done quite differently than you imagine it to be

Here are five things you ought to understand about science, according to professor of genetic medicine Gregg Semenza. This week, Semenza—along with William Kaelin Jr....
MIcrosoft Teams

Microsoft Teams becomes the first Office app for Linux

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative tool for groups that is part of the Office 365 system, which has become an interesting competition for Slack,...

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