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Sunday, December 15, 2019
Aged couple on bike

You’re never too old to do your heart a favor

Regular exercise is highly beneficial for all patients with cardiovascular disease regardless of age, report investigators in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology, published by Elsevier. Their results showed that...

You have a unique fingerprint … and a unique scream

Human screams convey a level of individual identity that may help explain their evolutionary origins, according to a new study. The research shows that listeners can correctly identify whether the...
Student in classroom

What’s the best way to cope with impostor syndrome?

The impostor syndrome, a phenomenon that manifests when people feel like frauds even if they are actually capable and well-qualified, affects people both in the workplace and in the...
Ice cream

Why consumers try to avoid awkwardness but want to feel special at supermarket?

When making food choices when we’re with friends, we tend to want to match characteristics that others can measure or rank, such as size or price, but feel free...
Driver with coffee

Americans still would rather drive themselves than have a self-driving car drive them

Americans would rather drive than commute in self-driving cars, a new study focused on cost perceptions suggests. Researchers studied how Americans’ perceived cost of commute time changes depending on who’s...

Sims-like disaster models help plan for human freak-outs

Computer models are helping public health researchers plan for disasters. For instance, if a plume of toxic smoke was to hit downtown Los Angeles, would you be better staying inside...
Early signs of mental health issues 00

Early signs of mental health issues

and how to deal with them Major mental illnesses, and even most of the minor disorders, rarely happen out of the blue. Most often, you will start noticing small changes...

Higher protein intake doesn’t help everybody

Eating more protein than daily recommendations suggest may only benefit people who are cutting calories to lose weight or strength training to build more lean muscle mass, according to...

Custom built or off the shelf?

There are many products and services that you can buy tailored to your needs. If it meets your needs, then tailored must always be a good thing. We weren’t...
Drone hobby

Take a Break And Get Yourself a Hobby

We spend far too much time in this life worrying about job or family and friends. We set aside very little time for ourselves and as a result, many...
Nintendo switch

A lot of indie games will reach Switch in the first half of 2020

It's the console of the moment and indies also want to take their games to the controllers of the Nintendo Switch. At the Indie...
Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice wins Best Game of the Year award

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, developed by FromSoftware and published by Activision, won Best Video Game of the Year at the "The Game Awards" gala...

How to make deep learning into huge datasets

A new approach could make it easier to train computer for “extreme classification problems” like speech translation and answering general questions, researchers say. The divide-and-conquer...
Online shopping dark patterns

What are the “dark patterns” used by online shops?

“Dark patterns” meant to push people shopping online into spending more are startlingly common, according to a new study. The researchers found that dark patterns...
Iraq protests

What’s going on in Iraq these days?

The short-term spark that set the protests off was the demotion of a prominent commander in the Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service, or Golden Division, Abdel-Wahab...

We, the whole Earth, is really made of red giants’ stardust

The Earth is partly made from stardust from red giant stars, researchers report. They can also explain why the Earth contains more of this stardust...
Financial infidelity

Hiding purchases, debt, and savings constitute “financial infidelity” with your partner?

New research digs into when hiding purchases, debt, and savings constitute “financial infidelity,” and provides a means for predicting its occurrence within relationships. The study...

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