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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Protecting bulk power systems from hackers

Reliability measures of electrical grid has risen to a new norm as it involves physical security and cybersecurity. Threats to either can trigger instability, leading to blackouts and economic...

Video game ratings work, if you use them

AMES, Iowa - Nearly every video game sold or downloaded comes with a rating that provides age-appropriate guidelines based on the game's content. Critics have questioned the effectiveness of...

Trust issues: Users more gullible when they customize their technology

Cheery robots may give people the creeps and serious robots may actually ease anxiety depending on how users perceive the robot''s role in their lives, according to an international...

Why we prefer to be buddies with serious robots?

Cheery robots may give people the creeps and serious robots may actually ease anxiety—but it depends on how we perceive the robot’s role in our lives. In a study of robot...

Realistic training for extreme flight conditions

Missions at sea, in mountainous regions or close to skyscrapers are extremely risky for helicopter pilots. The turbulent air flows near oil rigs, ships, cliffs and tall buildings can...

Is technology changing our relationship with music?

Technology has helped drive the popularity of music festivals, while also revising the experiences people have with live music, according to Brian Moon. Events like the SnowGlobe Music Festival in...

4 things ‘Rogue One’ teaches us about cyber security

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which opens in theaters this weekend, shows how the Rebel Alliance steals architectural plans for the Death Star in order to eventually destroy...

Monster game confirms good way to learn fractions

Some people balked at the Common Core State Standards, including at the recommendation to use a number line to teach fractions. New research suggests the approach is actually quite...

How to Take Advantage of Florida Green Driver Incentives

There are a lot of advantages to having an environmentally-friendly vehicle in Florida. First of all, for title loans Florida companies will usually give you a bigger premium simply...

Students interact with live cells in online bio lab

A new internet-enabled biological laboratory lets students interact with living cells in real-time, which could reshape how students learn about biology. This interactive Biology Cloud Lab, as the researchers call...
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Fall Guys

Fall Guys meet their worst enemy in a week: the cheaters

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is being the sensation of the moment in the video game world. The two million copies on Steam in less...

Epic PORTL displays a life-size hologram of a person and allows live interaction with...

It looks like a kind of closet (or portal in reference to its name) and inside it contains a life-size person, but it is...
Toshiba T1100

Toshiba abandons the PC market completely after 35 years

Toshiba is another Japanese company that has decided to leave the PC industry. It has sold its remaining 19.9 percent stake in its Dynabook...
Tik Tok

Trump to block TikTok and WeChat in the U.S. from September 20

U.S. President Donald Trump has signed an executive order blocking all business transactions with Bytedance, the Chinese company behind TikTok. It will take effect...

FIFA 21: EA Sports once again denies the existence of a handicap and laughter...

In response to a question from a user on Twitter, EA Sports has come out to deny the myth of the handicap. Does it...
Ammonium nitrate

What is ammonium nitrate?

Ammonium nitrate is a basic element of certain types of fertilizers, but it is also a highly explosive and flammable substance that different terrorist...
Logitech G923

Logitech G923, the new Trueforce steering wheel for Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox Series...

Logitech today announced its new console and PC steering wheel, called the Logitech G923, a direct heir to the G29 and G920 launched in...

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