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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Two big tech companies fall hook, line and sinker for the big phish

Cyber security has been heavily invested in over the recent years in the fight to stop cyber attacks. However, the number of victims and amounts of money made through...

Create a Successful Website

How to Create a Successful Business Website Your website is the front door to your business, and you must do everything you can to enjoy a steady stream of visitors....

Digital pills to prevent medication errors make their way into the market

Technology has had a vast impact on a wide range of industries over the last few decades, with the medical field being no exception. Innovation is not only a...

How BACS payment services provides greater security

With the rising threat of cyber-attacks, fraud and data leakage, online security is everyone’s first and foremost concern these days. While making financial transactions online, be it an online...

How social media affects search engine optimization

Whether you’re a blogger, content creator, or small business owner, having an active social media following is an essential ingredient for online success. Another, arguably more important measure of...

‘BrainPort V100′ Helps Blind People See Through Their Tongue

View the article's original source Author: Ahmed Bilal A device named BrainPort V100 has been approved through FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in US before the availability for sale. It’s a gadget which...

15 Smart and Useful Button Gadgets.

View the article's original source Author: Collection of "Smart and Useful Button Gadgets" from around the world for you. Flic: Flic is a smart button that lets you...

Business Productivity Software: Top Benefits for Businesses in 2017

Business productivity software continues to hold real benefits for businesses. Productivity software plays a significant role in the achievement of the goals and objectives of a business concerning growth,...

The large catalog of software developed by NASA is now available to all and...

No one can deny the importance of NASA's scientific contributions. Thanks to his research and discoveries we have been able to understand a little more where we are and...

4 gadgets that could simplify your life

In today’s society, more and more people claim that their life is hectic. People have so many commitments that are getting in the way of spending their time in...
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5 tips on how to avoid accidents in construction work

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the authority in workplace safety in the UK, reports that 57% of fatal and non-fatal injuries in 2019...
Man dreaming

Tech tips to drive business success

In the last decade, there have been many incredible technological developments that have completely transformed the business world. As a business owner, it is...
Tik Tok

The child grooming, the dark side of Tik Tok

The 15-second music video application Tik Tok was the fourth most downloaded social application last year, but it proved to be a difficult year...
Frozen car

What you should never do to remove ice from your car’s windshield

With the arrival of the cold weather it is very important to have the windshield and wiper blades in perfect condition, especially in areas...
Collision Milky Way

When did the Milky Way engulf the Gaia-Enceladus galaxy?

Researchers have pinpointed an early galactic merger that helped shape the Milky Way. The merger—a collision, actually—happened 11.5 billion years ago. That’s when a small...
Chinese Comunist Party

China is increasingly gaining control on media all around the world

Over the past decade, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leaders have overseen a dramatic expansion in the regime’s ability to shape media content and narratives...
Tellstones Kings Gambit,

New to League of Legends is a game, but not a video game

Riot Games is diversifying its offering to be much more than the authors of a popular and almost mythical MOBA like League of Legends....

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