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Monday, January 27, 2020

Scars typical of metal workers found in the lung of a e-cigarette smoker

Pneumoconiosis consists of a set of lung diseases, produced by inhalation of dust and deposition of waste from it, both in the lungs and in the bronchi and lymph...
Frozen batteries

How to safely (and cheaply) transport car batteries?

Freezing car batteries could allow their safe transport in a much cheaper and environmentally friendly way, researchers report. Currently, transporting damaged and defective car batteries is an expensive process, because...

Higher protein intake doesn’t help everybody

Eating more protein than daily recommendations suggest may only benefit people who are cutting calories to lose weight or strength training to build more lean muscle mass, according to...
Black Widow header

Marvel publishes the first trailer of ‘Black Widow’, with Scarlett Johansson in the foreground

Marvel has published by surprise the first teaser trailer of Black Widow, the new film of the Marvel Cinematographic Universe starring Scarlett Johansson. Chronologically, the film comes just after...
Home with surveillance camera

Solar Security Cameras Provide The Best Protection For Your Property

We all work hard to get what we want and our hard work is rewarded by having our own business, owning our own home and being able to buy...
Thanksgiving pie

Is the good taste of food organic or social?

There’s probably more behind the taste of turkey, mashed potatoes, yams, and cranberry sauce than you think, an expert in what makes food taste good or bad says. Don Katz,...
Drone hobby

Take a Break And Get Yourself a Hobby

We spend far too much time in this life worrying about job or family and friends. We set aside very little time for ourselves and as a result, many...
Woman DIY

4 DIY tips for first timers

Getting stuck in on your first DIY job can result in some shoddy craftsmanship, but there is a lot to learn from trying your hand at odd jobs around...
Burger by Robin Stickel

What would you like to eat after a sleepless night? Junk food, of course.

Sleep-deprived subjects gobbled doughnuts and potato chips Brain zeroes in on smells of energy-rich food After sleepless night, your 'tired' nose fails to talk to brain regions directing...
Forest fire

California fires can only get even worse in the next few years

The severity of wildfires in the Sierra Nevada region of California has been sensitive to changes in climate over the past 1,400 years, according to new research. The findings suggest...
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China censorship

China, desperate to censor information about the Wuhan virus on the social media

The so-called "Wuhan virus" is so new that it is only known by the name of the region in China where the outbreak is...
Cannabis plant

Edible cannabis products are now sold in Canada

From 16 December 2019, edible cannabis products are permitted to be sold in Canada. These must comply with new regulations for edible, inhalable and...
Shark attack map

Are you afraid of being attacked by a shark? You shouldn’t be

Shark attacks in 2019 were unusually low for the second year running, with 64 unprovoked bites in 2019, researchers report. According to the University of...

Looking for strategies to limit the amount of time your teen spends gaming?

Eighty-six percent of parents agree that teens spend too much time gaming, but many may be...
Hazelnuts and measuring tape

Becoming less active and gaining weight: Downsides of becoming an adult

Leaving school and getting a job both lead to a drop in the amount of physical activity, while becoming a mother is linked to...

How do cybercriminal gangs form?

New research identifies common attributes of cybercrime networks, revealing how these groups function and work together to cause an estimated $445-600 billion of harm...

How to mark your three favorite whatsapps at the top of the list

Android allows you to implement the 'Set Chats' feature, which allows you to place up to three chats at the top of your WhatsApp...

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