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How many calories can you burn in half an hour of exercise?

One of the big questions when we start playing sports, especially if our purpose is to lose weight, is what physical exercise to choose and how many calories it...
Face mask

Suffering from skin damage from face masks?

Doctors and nurses on the COVID-19 frontline are spending many hours a day wearing face masks, and many members of the general public are doing the same. But although...

Food can help protect you from the mental health disorders associated with isolation

While social distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19, indulging in your guilty pleasures can help protect you from the mental health disorders associated with isolation, an expert advises. “As...
Toddler crying

Should you always immediately intervene when your baby cries?

Letting a baby “cry it out” from birth up to 18 months doesn’t adversely affect their behavior development or attachment, researchers report. They also discovered that those left to cry...
Coronavirus cleaning

How to clean and disinfect your home to prevent infection

The SARS-CoV-2 virus, popularly known as the coronavirus and responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic, is a disease that causes fever, cough and difficulty in breathing. In the most severe...
Little girl playing

Children should also learn to play alone during coronavirus quarantine

Researchers from the University of Granada (UGR) have recommended to parents that, during the confinement at home due to the coronavirus health crisis, they should not organize all the...
Clean to kill coronavirus

How to clean your house to kill coronavirus

“Not many scientific studies have asked which are the most effective disinfecting agents to use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, because it was discovered so recently,” says...

How to keep kids excited to learn during COVID-19 school closures

When I work with teachers and in the curriculum classes that I teach, we’re always trying to come up with ideas to get students more engaged in a way...
Gloria Gaynor will survive coronavirus

Gloria Gaynor washes her hands thoroughly to the rhythm of ‘I Will Survive’

The great singer Gloria Gaynor is also about to stay home and go through the coronavirus quarantine. And she does it in the best possible way: teaching her followers,...
Do not touch your face to prevent coronavirus

How to actually stop touching your face

Health care professionals keep say to avoid touching your face as protection from COVID-19, but it’s a lot easier said than done. Whether it’s scratching an itch or resting our...
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Neymar Jr in eFootball

PES changes its name to eFootball and will become totally free; will arrive in...

Konami announced a few minutes ago eFootball, the new name of the Pro Evolution Soccer saga that becomes a free to play soccer game. Last...
Windows 11

How to circumvent Windows 11 limits and install it on almost any computer

The presentation of Windows 11 aroused much interest around the world, although the compatibility tool offered by Microsoft left millions of people disappointed, who...
Devices storage sync

6 benefits of syncing your devices

The digital landscape is changing and evolving at a rapid pace. With an ever-increasing need for persistent connectivity at home as well as at...
Microsoft Teams for family and friends

Microsoft has its WhatsApp: Teams reaches users and families and allows video calls up...

Microsoft has released its new user version today, after almost a year of testing this tool in "preview" mode. Microsoft Teams is now available...
Employee working at office

Benefits of Outsourcing Jobs from Your Business to External Resources: A Guide

Businesses big and small outsource roles to external companies who are more experienced. There are several reasons why enterprises outsource functions from their company,...
LG V35

LG gives up: will leave the cell phone business

It had been rumored on one occasion or another and, finally, it is official. LG, one of the longest-lived cell phone manufacturers, is closing...

The Importance of ARM Gateway and Network Technology in Edge Computing

Edge computing is rapidly changing data collection, processing, and delivery. The growing demand for the IoT is one reason for driving the need for...

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