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Motion sickness in self-driving cars

Could self-driving cars end with motion sickness?

A new project aims to identify and quantify motion sickness in passenger vehicles to help more people eventually enjoy self-driving cars. Up to one-third of...
Polluted water

The water crisis is spreading silently around the world

Smoke on the water In some regions, rivers and lakes are so polluted that they are literally catching fire. Prime examples include the Bellandur Lake...
Children with cellphone

WhatsApp will delete the accounts of european children under the age of 16 after...

WhatsApp version 2.19.222 will arrive very soon and, fortunately or unfortunately, will bring with it the deletion of many accounts. According to the legal...

Podcasts and reading stimulate the same cognitive and emotional parts of the brain

Listening to a book likely stimulates the same cognitive and emotional parts of the brain as reading it, new research shows. Neuroscientists created interactive maps...

Intelligent robot creates basic tools with what’s on hand (that’s “MacGyvering”) :-)

Researchers have successfully trained an intelligent agent to create basic tools by combining objects. The work, which uses a new capability to reason about shape,...
Wireless charger

Wireless charging, the worst thing for your mobile battery

Mobile charging is one of the biggest headaches for cellphone users, but little by little we are learning facts that allow us to tune...

If you use your phone on break, your brain doesn’t recharge

Using your phone on break during mentally challenging tasks doesn’t allow your brain to recharge effectively and may result in poorer performance, according to...

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