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Friday, December 6, 2019

Could computer generate movies directly from scripts?

A new computer model can translate text describing physical movements directly into simple computer-generated animation, a first step toward someday generating movies directly from scripts. Scientists have made tremendous leaps...

Stalkerware, the invisible threat they can spy on you via your phone

Today, technology is an important part of our lives. It helps us to improve different aspects such as communication, leisure or work. Using it correctly is a great tool,...
Facebook Dating

Facebook launches its dating application

Facebook has just announced the launch in the US of its application to help its users "find love" on the social network. It's called Dating and is now available...
Woman with whatsapp

Whatsapp brings expected news this September

Whatsapp will release a new version this September in which will incorporate new features that have spoken in recent weeks. Among these new features is the expected night mode, a...
The launch of Telegram's digital coin would be accessible to more than 200 million people of the 300 million users who have the messaging application globally.

The Telegram messaging app will launch its own crypto currency, called ‘Gram’.

Telegram, the company responsible for the messaging application of the same name, has informed its investors that it will launch its crypto currency 'Gram' before October 31, according to...
Instagram logo on mobile

Facebook goes back to attacking Snapchat with Threads

Instagram, one of Mark Zuckerberg's applications, has waged a battle against Snapchat to overcome it in every possible way. So far, the photo app has managed to have a...
Cellphone with 3D graphics

The many benefits of WebGL

For the uninitiated, WebGL might not seem like that big of a deal. It is an API (application programming interface) used typically in browsers as a means of integrating...
Children with cellphone

WhatsApp will delete the accounts of european children under the age of 16 after...

WhatsApp version 2.19.222 will arrive very soon and, fortunately or unfortunately, will bring with it the deletion of many accounts. According to the legal terms of the application owned...
We want you

Many apps track you even after being uninstalled

Tracking has been used for years in the world of marketing to detect if the ads generate impacts, sales, etc. ... A system that serves to obtain information from...
Whatsapp start screen

WhatsApp works on a boomerang style tool such as Instagram’s

One of the advantages of owning several mobile applications is that if a function succeeds in one of them, you can apply it to another one without having to...
Things must business next level

2 things you must do to take your business to the next level

If you’re happy to see your business remain stagnant for the entirety of its existence, then you shouldn’t be in business at all. Quite...
House snow winter

Smart devices for your home to fight the cold and save money

Devices to make your home a smart home are becoming increasingly popular. Smart homes make life easier for us and with them we contribute...

Should NBA limit rookie salaries to incentivize players to finish college?

Going pro early may be a no-brainer for exceptional, young basketball stars like former Duke freshman and 2019 NBA draft first-pick Zion Williamson. But...
Infused oil

Give away homemade infused oils, honeys, vinegars, and liquors safely

Many infused oils, honeys, vinegars, and liquors could pose significant health risks, but there are ways to make these popular holiday gifts much safer. Foods...
Early signs of mental health issues 00

Early signs of mental health issues

and how to deal with them Major mental illnesses, and even most of the minor disorders, rarely happen out of the blue. Most often, you...
Future solar system

Giant ice planet orbits hot star 1/4 its size

Researchers have found the first evidence of a giant planet orbiting a dead white dwarf star in the form of a disc of...
Fat diet and prostate cancer

Always suspected, finally confirmed: saturated fat diet fuels prostate cancer’s growth

Saturated fat intake leads to cellular reprogramming associated with prostate cancer progression and lethality, according to new research. These findings could help in identifying patients...

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