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Monday, September 16, 2019

Stalkerware, the invisible threat they can spy on you via your phone

Today, technology is an important part of our lives. It helps us to improve different aspects such as communication, leisure or work. Using it correctly is a great tool,...
Facebook Dating

Facebook launches its dating application

Facebook has just announced the launch in the US of its application to help its users "find love" on the social network. It's called Dating and is now available...
Woman with whatsapp

Whatsapp brings expected news this September

Whatsapp will release a new version this September in which will incorporate new features that have spoken in recent weeks. Among these new features is the expected night mode, a...
The launch of Telegram's digital coin would be accessible to more than 200 million people of the 300 million users who have the messaging application globally.

The Telegram messaging app will launch its own crypto currency, called ‘Gram’.

Telegram, the company responsible for the messaging application of the same name, has informed its investors that it will launch its crypto currency 'Gram' before October 31, according to...
Instagram logo on mobile

Facebook goes back to attacking Snapchat with Threads

Instagram, one of Mark Zuckerberg's applications, has waged a battle against Snapchat to overcome it in every possible way. So far, the photo app has managed to have a...
Cellphone with 3D graphics

The many benefits of WebGL

For the uninitiated, WebGL might not seem like that big of a deal. It is an API (application programming interface) used typically in browsers as a means of integrating...
Children with cellphone

WhatsApp will delete the accounts of european children under the age of 16 after...

WhatsApp version 2.19.222 will arrive very soon and, fortunately or unfortunately, will bring with it the deletion of many accounts. According to the legal terms of the application owned...
We want you

Many apps track you even after being uninstalled

Tracking has been used for years in the world of marketing to detect if the ads generate impacts, sales, etc. ... A system that serves to obtain information from...
Whatsapp start screen

WhatsApp works on a boomerang style tool such as Instagram’s

One of the advantages of owning several mobile applications is that if a function succeeds in one of them, you can apply it to another one without having to...
Move package

Upgrade your move: The best apps to help with house moving

Who says house moving has to be unbearable? While house moving in itself needs a lot of time and effort - especially during the packing, travel, and unpacking process...
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‘Phyjama’, the sleeping wearable

Scientists expect that in the future, electronically active garments containing unobtrusive, portable devices for monitoring heart rate and respiratory rhythm during sleep, for example,...
Facebook Libra

France warns that the EU will not authorise Facebook crypto currency

The French Finance Minister, Bruno Le Maire, warned on Thursday that the European Union (EU) will not authorise the crypto currency Facebook wants to...
New Joker movie character

More than twenty Android apps have been affected by a malware called Joker

New malware has circumvented the security of the Google Play Store and infected more than 20 applications with more than thousands of downloads worldwide. On...
Fitness gamification

A little competition improves the results of your exercise

Wearables might not offer enough motivation to get your daily steps, but a little competition might work. Researchers combined behavioral insights, gaming elements such as...
Professional gamers

Seating position and movements predict a eSports player’s skill level in 77% of cases

A group of scientists from Skoltech's Computational and Data-Intensive Science and Engineering Center (CDISE) won the Best Paper Award at the prestigious 5th IEEE...
Girl in ball pool

How friction causes static electricity?

A new model shows how rubbing two objects together creates static electricity, the answer to a mystery that has confounded scientists for more than...
Backyard chicken poultry

Risks and advantages of raising chickens in your backyard

When it comes to backyard poultry farming, there are some basic do’s and don’ts for keeping both you and your animals safe. Backyard poultry farming...

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