Space Station Designer, to play designing space stations

In Polar Motion's Space Station Designer, the goal is the construction of economically sustainable space stations that also produce science, just like the ISS. But they also have to...
There is no game Wrong dimension

The surprising and crazy There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension arrives on August 6...

The unique There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension is coming to Steam for Windows and Mac on August 6th. Although it is presented as a non-game, it is more...

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review

Losing important information that you have saved in the hard drive would lead you towards a great deal of frustration. In such a situation, you would get the need...

Connect your Android or iPhone to your computer without wires and freely

There are phone models that convert to miniPCs when connected to a computer, or to a screen with a special dock, but in most cases, when you connect a...

E3 2015, World of Tanks on Xbox One Looking Glorious, Features Console Cross-Play

View the article's original source Author: Jeff Williams World of Tanks for the Xbox One is looking to be quit the great addition and quite the improvement over its Xbox 360...

Control what your children do with their mobile phones thanks to Google Family Link

The Family Link app, which controls all familiar devices associated with an account, is now available without invitation. With the huge amount of devices with Android that exist, we have...

IBM offers free training in COBOL during the COVID-19 crisis

In early April we saw the desperate search for COBOL programmers that was going on in some states of the United States. The reason: their social security systems for...

Halo 5 – New Screenshots and Information Leaked

View the article's original source Author: Archie Paras E3 is just around the corner, and it seems that Microsoft will have a great show, full of game announcements and surprises. Leading...

Can a computer model conquer golf’s toughest 12th hole?

A new computer model is meant to help golfers cope with wicked winds, starting with the unruly gusts that test the world’s best every April on the legendarily blustery...

“Apex Legends” reached 50 million players faster than “Fortnite”

A month after its launch, Vince Zampella, CEO of Respawn Entertainment, confirmed that Apex Legends already has 50 million players. In the tweet, in addition, a video is included...
Twitter icon

Massive hack on Twitter

Twitter confirms hacking of millions of accounts: change your password and these security settings Twitter has confirmed an attack revealing the identity and data of...
How to Turn Getting Better Sleep Into a Fun Game With Technology

Getting better sleep

How to Turn Getting Better Sleep Into a Fun Game With Technology There is no one in this world who doesn't want to get better...
Minecraft character

Minecraft bans blockchain

Minecraft says NO to NFTs and bans blockchain technology in Minecraft client Minecraft refuses NFTs outright: it doesn't consider them fun and bans blockchain technology...
God of war Raganarok

God of War: Ragnarok launch trailer

God of War: Ragnarok launches with a cinematic trailer and introduces special editions For several weeks there have been rumors about the release date of...
How to Get Started Using an Analytics Cloud Platform

How to Get Started Using an Analytics Cloud Platform

A cloud analytics platform is an excellent tool for quickly and easily analyzing data. It can run reports, perform data analysis, and develop models....
2007 Steve Jobs iPhone presentation

iPhone Anniversary

Today is the anniversary of a launch that would change the world Today, exactly 15 years ago, Apple launched the original iPhone in the United...
Programming Languages ​​Mobile Applications

The Most Popular Programming Languages ​​for Mobile Applications

Becoming a mobile app developer in 2022 is much easier compared to 10 years ago. Today, the resources are plentiful, and languages have evolved...

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