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Thursday, December 12, 2019
Call of Duty Modern Warfare

‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ generated more revenue than ‘Joker’ at its premiere

What a noise Joker made! The film starring Joaquin Phoenix has been a colossal and planetary success. In fact, it's already the highest grossing adult film in history, surpassing...
Fortinte black hole

A black hole swallows ‘Fortnite’: is it the end of the video game?

Fortnite has been absorbed by a black hole and its fans have panicked and even speculate with the end of the video game before the impossibility, from this Sunday,...
Vulpera and Mechagnome

World of Warcraft’ adds two new races: Vulpera and Mechagnome

The next World of Warcraft update is called Visions of N'Zoth. It will bring new invasions of the god in Pandaria and Uldum. In addition, two new playable allied...
Dualshock 5

It’s official: Sony’s new console will be the PS5

Six years after PlayStation 4 was released, it looks like the time has come to make way for the next generation. Mark Cerny, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, and...

Get to finish ‘Minecraft’ without destroying a single block with the pickaxe

Classics always lead their fans to cross limits. The latest example of this is Minecraft. In this game the basic thing, will say a player of initial level, is...
SEGA Mega Drive Mini

SEGA Mega Drive Mini is now available with a catalogue of 42 games

SEGA brings back a nostalgic festival with the best classic video games from the iconic SEGA Mega Drive console, in a miniature version of the platform treated with great...
McDonalds cash register initialization screen

A ‘DOOM’ fan gets to play it at a McDonalds cash register

DOOM is a classic video game. It is considered one of the pioneers of first-person shooting. This legendary FPS was released in 1993 and has since won the favor...

Mass hacking of “Words with Friends” by Zynga, exposes millions of personal IDs

Words with Friends is a multiplayer word game developed by Newtoy and owned by mobile giant Zynga. Players take turns building crossword style words in a way similar to...

Fortnite’ has more users but ‘PUBG Mobile’ generates more profits

Fortnite is the king of the battle royale; it's the game everyone's still talking about; it's the one with the most users; the one with the most people downloaded...
Brain Age Nintendo Switch Training

Brain Training’ returns for Nintendo Switch

Brain Training is back; this time for Nintendo Switch. We're talking about this mythical title of logic and puzzles originally developed for Nintendo DS. Its debut took place in Japan...
Financial infidelity

Hiding purchases, debt, and savings constitute “financial infidelity” with your partner?

New research digs into when hiding purchases, debt, and savings constitute “financial infidelity,” and provides a means for predicting its occurrence within relationships. The study...
Anxiety safety signals

Use ‘safety signals’ as self-therapy to combat anxiety

There could be a new way to combat anxiety: When life triggers excessive fear, use a safety signal, researchers say. For as many as one...
Asteroid Bennu

Bennu asteroid is spewing bits and no one knows why

There are three possible explanations for the particles that asteroid Bennu is tossing into space, say scientists behind NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft. Shortly after OSIRIS-REx arrived...
Gmail inbox

Basic tips for freeing up space in your Gmail account

Google's email service, Gmail, has a limited capacity that you must also share with Google Drive and Google Photos. In total they offer you...
Small business challenge how to take care of the big tasks 00

Small business challenge: how to take care of the big tasks

One of the most challenging aspects of running a small business is handling the tasks that need to be done no matter what size...
laboratory glove

Science is usually done quite differently than you imagine it to be

Here are five things you ought to understand about science, according to professor of genetic medicine Gregg Semenza. This week, Semenza—along with William Kaelin Jr....
MIcrosoft Teams

Microsoft Teams becomes the first Office app for Linux

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative tool for groups that is part of the Office 365 system, which has become an interesting competition for Slack,...

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