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Thursday, October 29, 2020

For Honor – Inside the Dominion Mode of Ubisoft’s New Innovative Title

View the article's original source Author: Archie Paras Ubisoft has released a new video for their upcoming game For Honor, in which Gameplay Designer Bio Jade Adam Granger, sheds some light...

Game achievements

​How Achievements Can Make a Game Better – or Worse All gamers are familiar with the concept of achievements. Some gamer communities like True Achievements exist mainly to celebrate them...

PUBG fell below one million daily players for the first time in a year

Last Saturday, PUBG was celebrating the achievement of having maintained a million daily players for a year, and today we have that spectacular streak ended. SteamDB has announced that, for...
Spiderman by Tom Holland

Sony buys Insomniac Games studio and takes full control of Spider-Man

The Sony Corporation is still in full swing. The latest, the acquisition of video game studio Insomiac Games by Sony Interactive Entertainment, which the company announced last Monday. The Burbank-based...
Tean Xecuter

Nintendo files two lawsuits against retailers who distribute Team Xecuter products for Nintendo Switch

Last Friday, Nintendo America filed two lawsuits against stores that sell Team Xecuter software and products that the company believes have the sole purpose of "playing pirated games" from...
Call of Duty Modern Warfare

‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ generated more revenue than ‘Joker’ at its premiere

What a noise Joker made! The film starring Joaquin Phoenix has been a colossal and planetary success. In fact, it's already the highest grossing adult film in history, surpassing...
Mario and Luigi

Super Mario Maker 2′ players have already created more than 4 million levels

Super Mario Maker 2 debuted last June 28th exclusively, of course, for Nintendo Switch. One of the most eye-catching features of the new installment of our plumber is the...

A teenager gets $3 million to win a Fortnite tournament

eSports has become a business that moves millions. The organisation of international tournaments in stadiums attended by hundreds of fans, sponsorships, event broadcasting rights, the increase in consumer spending......

Mafia 3 Domain Names Registered, Announcement Imminent?

View the article's original source Author: Jeff Williams If you’ve been excited to those that are waiting patiently for Mafia 3 might be excited to hear that domain names associated to...
Professional gamers

Seating position and movements predict a eSports player’s skill level in 77% of cases

A group of scientists from Skoltech's Computational and Data-Intensive Science and Engineering Center (CDISE) won the Best Paper Award at the prestigious 5th IEEE Internet of People conference (IoP...
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iPhone search

According to the Financial Times, Apple is working on its own search engine

One of the new features of iOS 14 was based on its own search tool, which went beyond the terminal itself to show web...

Do you feel like playing or training?

This game can also be considered a kind of virtual reality training. It is called Oh Shape and it is inspired by Beat Saber,...
Zuckerberg US Congress

US Congress accuses Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google of monopolistic practices

A 16-month investigation by a U.S. Congressional committee now yields its results in relation to the functioning and operation of the country's major technologies....
Rogue Company

Rogue Company becomes free to play after gathering more than two million players in...

Starting today, all those who want to launch into Rogue Company battles will be able to do so without having to go through the...

Farmville, the legendary Facebook game, will disappear along with Flash Player at the end...

December 31, 2020 is the date marked on the calendar by Adobe to end Flash Player. Thus an era ends, an era of the...
Rocket League

Rocket League, after moving to free-to-play, sets a record of more than one million...

Since its arrival, Rocket League has stepped up to the plate. Having been a free title at PS Plus during its debut month helped...
Ring Always Home Cam

Ring Always Home Cam, an autonomous drone that flies over the home

In the last hours Amazon has introduced a series of devices for the home like the new Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, Amazon Echo...

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