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Tuesday, January 21, 2020
PS5 logo

It’s official: PlayStation 5 will be the name of Sony’s next console

This CES 2020 Sony has made it official: its next generation console will be called PlayStation 5 or PS5, which will be launched by the end of this 2020. PS5,...
Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch already out-sells the Super Nintendo

The video game giant Nintendo gets off to a good start in 2020. The reason? Nintendo Switch sales have already surpassed those of the Super Nintendo. In 2017, the Japanese...

Star Citizen’s Squadron 42 trailer, an impressive graphic exhibition

The amazing Squadron 42, one of the most anticipated titles of the coming times, continues to amaze with its graphic section with this new trailer offered by Star Citizen....

The best free car racing games for PC

Most of the games you will find in this list are free-to-play games. It's one of the main ways to get money to develop them, to make them free...

GTA 5 triples its audience in Twitch and League of Legends is the most...

Fortnite drops to second position, while its most direct competitor, PUBG, disappears from the top 10 of the streaming portal. Twitch has become an indispensable platform to understand the way...
The Witcher Wild Hunt

How many players have returned to ‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’ following the release...

Last Friday, Netflix premiered the series The Witcher starring Henry Cavill. This fantasy fiction is based on the novels of the writer Andrzej Sapkowski and follows the adventures of...
Grand Theft Auto V

Time magazine chooses ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ as the best video game of the...

Time magazine is presenting its lists of the best of the decade and now deals with video games, the best titles of the last 10 years. The legendary American magazine...

The new Xbox console reminds the box of a PC

Microsoft has taken advantage of The Game Awards 2019 to reveal the first official details of its new console, the new Xbox. What we used to call Project Scarlett...
Nintendo switch

A lot of indie games will reach Switch in the first half of 2020

It's the console of the moment and indies also want to take their games to the controllers of the Nintendo Switch. At the Indie World Showcase has been announced...
Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice wins Best Game of the Year award

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, developed by FromSoftware and published by Activision, won Best Video Game of the Year at the "The Game Awards" gala held in Los Angeles (United...
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5 tips on how to avoid accidents in construction work

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the authority in workplace safety in the UK, reports that 57% of fatal and non-fatal injuries in 2019...
Man dreaming

Tech tips to drive business success

In the last decade, there have been many incredible technological developments that have completely transformed the business world. As a business owner, it is...
Tik Tok

The child grooming, the dark side of Tik Tok

The 15-second music video application Tik Tok was the fourth most downloaded social application last year, but it proved to be a difficult year...
Frozen car

What you should never do to remove ice from your car’s windshield

With the arrival of the cold weather it is very important to have the windshield and wiper blades in perfect condition, especially in areas...
Collision Milky Way

When did the Milky Way engulf the Gaia-Enceladus galaxy?

Researchers have pinpointed an early galactic merger that helped shape the Milky Way. The merger—a collision, actually—happened 11.5 billion years ago. That’s when a small...
Chinese Comunist Party

China is increasingly gaining control on media all around the world

Over the past decade, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leaders have overseen a dramatic expansion in the regime’s ability to shape media content and narratives...
Tellstones Kings Gambit,

New to League of Legends is a game, but not a video game

Riot Games is diversifying its offering to be much more than the authors of a popular and almost mythical MOBA like League of Legends....

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