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Wednesday, October 5, 2022
Cubasis 3 Android

Cubasis 3, the famous audio and music studio editor, now available in Android

Until now it was only available for iPhone and iPad. With the program we can create, record, mix and share music in a very short time, from the mobile or...
Adobe Photoshop Camera

Photoshop Camera, Adobe’s new free app powered by Artificial Intelligence

Adobe continues to make inroads into the mobile application industry. Its latest offering is Photoshop Camera, a completely free app focused on applying filters to photos. Users will have...
Remove China apps

An app for detecting Chinese applications goes viral

This current situation of the coronavirus crisis has led many governments and citizens of different countries to look at China with different eyes, there are more and more application...

The best way to scan old photos with your mobile phone for free

We all have old photos in albums that we haven't been able to have in digital yet for different reasons: the photo is the only one taken, the shadows...
LibreOffice Draw

LibreOffice comes with a free PDF document editor

Although they have their detractors, PDF documents are a practical way of converting thousands of pages of contracts, invoices, delivery notes and other technical, legal or bureaucratic documentation into...
Whatsapp forwarding

WhatsApp stops hoaxes: viral message forwarding has fallen by 70% after the new measures

The limitations on message forwarding activated by WhatsApp in early April to stop the spread of coronavirus-related misinformation have taken effect. In a statement, the company said that the...

IBM offers free training in COBOL during the COVID-19 crisis

In early April we saw the desperate search for COBOL programmers that was going on in some states of the United States. The reason: their social security systems for...
Cyber glasses for programming

5 best Java frameworks for web app development in 2020

Client-side JavaScript frameworks are hugely popular right now, but they might not always be the best choice if you want to deliver a web-based experience to browser-based clients. If...
Firefox browser logo

Mozilla is testing WebAssembly, securing Firefox as code is executed in sandboxes

A powerful new approach to securing web browsers, using a tool called WebAssembly, is getting its first real-world application in the Firefox browser. Developed by a team of researchers...

Which IoT devices collect data about our activities in the physical world?

A new app called IoT Assistant informs users about what Internet of Things technologies are around them and what data they’re collecting, researchers report. People navigating through the digital landscape...
Bottles leak detection

What Are the Acceptable Methods of Bottle Leak Detection?

Rigid quality control regulations require that manufacturers ensure the utmost quality of their products and packaging. Therefore, companies need to set specific mechanisms to...
Must-Have Content Creation Tools for Influencers

8 Must-Have Content Creation Tools for Influencers

When you're an influencer, you're naturally held to a higher standard because you're dealing with brands, paid partnerships and loyal followers. It's not enough...
ABP AdBlock Plus logo

Chrome to ban AdBlock

Chrome to ban the use of AdBlock to block ads by 2023 Google is going to get very serious in 2023 about its advertising revenue,...
Twitter icon

Massive hack on Twitter

Twitter confirms hacking of millions of accounts: change your password and these security settings Twitter has confirmed an attack revealing the identity and data of...
How to Turn Getting Better Sleep Into a Fun Game With Technology

Getting better sleep

How to Turn Getting Better Sleep Into a Fun Game With Technology There is no one in this world who doesn't want to get better...
Minecraft character

Minecraft bans blockchain

Minecraft says NO to NFTs and bans blockchain technology in Minecraft client Minecraft refuses NFTs outright: it doesn't consider them fun and bans blockchain technology...
God of war Raganarok

God of War: Ragnarok launch trailer

God of War: Ragnarok launches with a cinematic trailer and introduces special editions For several weeks there have been rumors about the release date of...

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