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Friday, February 28, 2020

Project CARS Sells More than One MIllion Copies

View the article's original source Author: Archie Paras Slightly Mad Studios and BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe are very proud to announce that Project CARS has already sold more than one million...

Xiaomi President Denies Acquisition Over Blackberry

View the article's original source Author: Ali Salman A few days ago, we heard that Xiaomi is all set on the road to acquire Blackberry. The news popped out from a...

Google Pumps More Than $1 Billion to Expand Data Centers In Asia

View the article's original source Author: Ali Salman Google launched its first data center in Singapore nearly 18 months ago. Since then, Google says the web and mobile adoption rate has...

Snowden Leaks Trigger Major Surveillance Reforms – How Snowden Feels About It

View the article's original source Author: Shaikh Rafia Finally, the US Congress moves past the controversial Patriot Act provisions and introduces reformed Freedom Act which many comment is a direct result of...

LEGO Worlds – A Galaxy of Procedurally-Generated Worlds Made of LEGO Bricks

View the article's original source Author: Archie Paras Warner Bros. and LEGO have announced the new open world sandbox game, LEGO Worlds. Launched on Steam Early Access and developed by TT Games, LEGO...

Cute Cat Images Could be Used to Hack Your Computer and Spy on You

View the article's original source Author: Shaikh Rafia Sending adorable cat images is possibly one of the most easy ways of making someone happy. What wrong could a furry animal image do...

Qualcomm’s Too Dependent On Apple And Samsung With 50% Revenues From The Duo

View the article's original source Author: Ramish Zafar When it comes to the smartphone world, Qualcomm is one of the major dominating entities in the market. The company’s products, designs and...

Google’s I/O 2015: Here’s Everything You Missed

View the article's original source Author: Ramish Zafar Google’s day one keynote for I/O has come and gone. We’ve seen the software giant whose Android mobile operating system dominates the market...

The app development market grew a 46% in 2014 and counting

By the end of 2015, a billion smartphones will be sold in the world. That's a huge market targeted by app developers. In example, the numbers of job offers...
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Virus flu

Why isn’t the coronavirus the same as the flu?

It runs through all the whatsapps and bars the runrun that the coronavirus of Wuhan, the Covid-19, is the same as a flu. Actually,...
Metal factory

The benefits of working with a top precision metal supplier

Sourcing the right precision metals can make all the difference to the profitability and success of your project. You want to know you’re buying...

Is tart cherry juice concentrate the best recovery drink right now?

Montmorency tart cherry juice has gained a reputation as a recovery drink among elite and recreational exercisers, with research suggesting...

On average, there is about one ‘marsquake’ on Mars per day

On November 26 2018, the NASA InSight lander successfully set down on Mars in the Elysium Planitia region. Seventy Martian days later, the mission’s...
Wuhan coronavirus

Coronavirus is not a pandemic … yet: 77,362 cases and more than 2,600 deaths

“Does this virus have pandemic potential? Absolutely, it has. Are we there yet? From our assessment, not yet,” WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told...
Electric bass

Guitar tuners II

Pedal Tuners This format is the king of live performance for several reasons: first one is that it can be integrated into our pedalboard, another...
Fat around arteries

Maybe we need fat around arteries after all

New evidence suggests that the fat around our arteries may play an important role in keeping those blood vessels healthy. The finding could affect how...

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