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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

After Her Sizzling Reveal in Game of Thrones and an Emmy Nomination, Lena Headey...

View the article's original source Author: Archie Paras After her revealing appearance during this season’s finale of Game of Thrones, and an Emmy nomination for her stellar portrayal of Cersei Lannister in...
Adobe Photoshop Camera

Photoshop Camera, Adobe’s new free app powered by Artificial Intelligence

Adobe continues to make inroads into the mobile application industry. Its latest offering is Photoshop Camera, a completely free app focused on applying filters to photos. Users will have...

Brain scans suggest how mindfulness app actually cuts smoking

People who tried a new mindfulness app reported smoking fewer cigarettes a day, according to a new study. Further, the researchers say the people who most reduced the number of...

Edit video like it’s text with this algorithm

A new algorithm allows video editors to modify talking head videos as if they were editing text—copying, pasting, or adding and deleting words. In television and film, actors often flub...

Qualcomm’s Too Dependent On Apple And Samsung With 50% Revenues From The Duo

View the article's original source Author: Ramish Zafar When it comes to the smartphone world, Qualcomm is one of the major dominating entities in the market. The company’s products, designs and...
The launch of Telegram's digital coin would be accessible to more than 200 million people of the 300 million users who have the messaging application globally.

The Telegram messaging app will launch its own crypto currency, called ‘Gram’.

Telegram, the company responsible for the messaging application of the same name, has informed its investors that it will launch its crypto currency 'Gram' before October 31, according to...
Video call

Zoom rectifies and implements end-to-end encryption for all users

One of the controversies that has most affected Zoom's reputation in recent months has revolved around the end-to-end encryption of the video conferencing application - or rather its lack...

App to help smokers quit is developed by health psychologists and game designers

A smartphone app that could help smokers stick to New Year's resolutions to quit has been developed by academics at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and Kingston University. Cigbreak...

Online Cheating Website Ashley Madison Gets Hacked; Millions Of Users Exposed

View the article's original source Author: Omar Sohail Oh dear; it appears that that the comprising of thousands of users’ personal credentials can take place at any time. On this occasion,...
Tik Tok

Trump to block TikTok and WeChat in the U.S. from September 20

U.S. President Donald Trump has signed an executive order blocking all business transactions with Bytedance, the Chinese company behind TikTok. It will take effect in 45 days, starting on...
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Crash Bandicoot 4

Crash Bandicoot 4 brings us its launch trailer with the rhythm of The Chemical...

It's not long before Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time comes to stores. The most charismatic marsupial in history returns with a new installment...
Bethseda logo

Microsoft buys Bethesda, owner of The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Wolfenstein, Doom, Dishonored and Quake

Microsoft has just announced one of the most important movements in the history of the video game industry: the purchase of ZeniMax Media, parent...
Playstation 5 logo

PlayStation 5 will be backwards compatible with “99%” of PlayStation 4 games

In a statement to the Washington Post, Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO Jim Ryan explained that this was the percentage of backwards compatible...
Among Us

Among Us exceeds 85 million mobile downloads and is already a leader in Steam...

Among Us is the game of fashion, that is undeniable. However, there are already some detailed figures about the game that exemplify this really...

Wav2Lip, a tool that simplifies the creation of deepfakes

We have witnessed the gradual exploitation of new techniques to create deepfakes, digitally intervened audiovisual pieces, with results ranging from the rustic and comic,...
Vinyl disc on turntable

Vinyl is back for good: it sells more than the CD format in the...

Vinyl records have long been living a second youth. The physical format that dominated the industry for decades was cornered by the power of...
ARM processor

Nvidia confirms purchase of ARM for $40 billion

Nvidia has announced that it has reached an agreement with the SoftBank Group to buy the British chip designer ARM for $40 billion ('33.75...

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