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Thursday, November 14, 2019
NSO Group

Facebook sues Israel company for infecting 1,400 WhatsApp users with spyware

Facebook has sued Israeli hacker company NSO Group for allegedly infecting 1,400 WhatsApp users with highly sophisticated spyware. Mark Zuckerberg's company claimed that NSO Group violated several laws, including the...
Pinterest Lite app

Pinterest launches a “Lite” version of its application

The most popular applications and services have opted to offer users "Lite" versions of their applications. An option that users appreciate as it is ideal for mobile devices with...

Self-destructing messages: the new feature to come to Whatsapp

The WhatsApp instant messaging app is working on a new feature that would introduce automatic deletion of messages in group conversations after the set time. Disappearance of messages' is...

Does Uber raise prices when your battery is low?

VTC applications have access to overwhelming user data to set the price of user's trips. Recently there has been a rumor that one of these data is the percentage...
New Joker movie character

More than twenty Android apps have been affected by a malware called Joker

New malware has circumvented the security of the Google Play Store and infected more than 20 applications with more than thousands of downloads worldwide. On this occasion, the virus is...

Could computer generate movies directly from scripts?

A new computer model can translate text describing physical movements directly into simple computer-generated animation, a first step toward someday generating movies directly from scripts. Scientists have made tremendous leaps...

Stalkerware, the invisible threat they can spy on you via your phone

Today, technology is an important part of our lives. It helps us to improve different aspects such as communication, leisure or work. Using it correctly is a great tool,...
Facebook Dating

Facebook launches its dating application

Facebook has just announced the launch in the US of its application to help its users "find love" on the social network. It's called Dating and is now available...
Woman with whatsapp

Whatsapp brings expected news this September

Whatsapp will release a new version this September in which will incorporate new features that have spoken in recent weeks. Among these new features is the expected night mode, a...
The launch of Telegram's digital coin would be accessible to more than 200 million people of the 300 million users who have the messaging application globally.

The Telegram messaging app will launch its own crypto currency, called ‘Gram’.

Telegram, the company responsible for the messaging application of the same name, has informed its investors that it will launch its crypto currency 'Gram' before October 31, according to...
Fortnite player

Why are gamers spending less on micropayments?

Micro-transactions or micropayments, with or without boxes of loot, annoy players, tired of continuing to pay after having presumably bought the "whole" video game....
Broken Netflix tv screen

Why will Netflix stop working on older TVs?

A few days before it was announced that Netflix will cease to work on some Samsung, Vizio and Roku devices, a company representative offered...
Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer

New trailer for ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’: Sega’s film returns to its origins after the...

We already have a new trailer for 'Sonic the Hedgehog', scheduled for release in February 2020. The film has been directed by the debutant...
Whatsapp business catalog

Small businesses can now present their product catalog within WhatsApp

WhatsApp has introduced its new catalog feature. Catalogs are a kind of mobile store where companies can display and share their products so that...
Whatsapp groups

WhatsApp already allows you to prevent anyone from adding you to a group

It's over for anyone to simply add you to a WhatsApp group without your permission. The instant messaging application has incorporated the feature that prevents...
Smart speakers

A laser is all it takes to hack into a smart speaker at a...

We can close doors with the today's technology: it is enough that it is domotized and that the system is compatible with Google Home...
RCS messages

What RCS messages are and how you can activate them on your Android phone

SMS is practically history since the arrival of messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram, but they are not entirely dead. Their successor is...

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