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Apple redesigns MacBook Pro keyboard after user complaints

Apple announced new versions of its line of MacBook Pro laptops in which the keyboard has been redesigned, after the company received many criticisms...

Whatsapp will have advertising in 2020

WhatsApp's vice president, in 2018, confirmed that the application will have advertisements, but did not set a date for this to happen. This Tuesday, during...

Nearly 19,000 asylum seekers await US entry in Mexican border cities

The number of asylum seekers on wait lists in Mexican border cities or those waiting to get on these lists has grown to 18,700,...

Brain scans suggest how mindfulness app actually cuts smoking

People who tried a new mindfulness app reported smoking fewer cigarettes a day, according to a new study. Further, the researchers say the people who...

Homemade sunscreens recipes at Pinterest: sunburn guaranteed

Social media and other online tools have changed the way people seek and share health information. Recent consumer interest in natural, organic, and ethically-made...

How to promote antivirus products online?

If you believe that developing good antivirus products that can get excellent antivirus reviews is enough to make the application successful all around the...

Blogging strategies – Content that works

It began as a small way for people to share their updates online, which then became a way to share news and information, which...

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