Currently there are hundreds of apps designed for this purpose, so it is better to spend a couple of minutes to learn some of these tools that can help your partner constantly spy on you.

Each application has different characteristics but with the same objective: to spy on you. So to go one step forward, here is a list of some of the most important apps to spy on the couple.

  • Find my device: it is the Google app that is responsible for tracking the location of the mobile in case of loss or theft (although it is also used by jealous people to know the location of the couple’s smartphone in real time). If your partner knows your Google data such as email and password, he/she can access this tool to know where you are in a simple way.
  • iSpyoo: it is perhaps the most tempting because it allows he/she to discover the pages you visit and even the messages you send, among other things. For a monthly subscription, your partner can also see the photos and videos you take on your mobile, something that you may not like and compromise your privacy.
  • mCouple: is an iOS and Android app that can access the location, call log, contacts, SMS and even Facebook chats. This app can also have a large number of users that use it every day to know if you have gone from ready.


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