If you are a fan of racing games you can be in luck, because GRID Autosport has just released a free version for Android, so you can play a few games without having to pay the 7,99 euros that the full version costs on Google Play.

It is a game with an exquisite level of detail, which also integrates many options to make gameplay easier, not to mention its graphics, which are noteworthy. In short, if you like racing games, you have to try it.

Undoubtedly, one of the greatest virtues of GRID is the quality of its graphics, as it achieves a very good level of detail in the cars, which are extremely realistic, which enables a better experience when playing.

Both your car and those of your rivals in the race will look very good, but also the circuit will look very good. A detail that has caught our attention is that the textures of the asphalt and the dirt outside the track are very well differentiated.

Logically, this high level of detail in terms of graphics must be matched with a good hardware that is able to move the game with ease. There is a list of compatible smartphones, but if yours is not, do not worry, if you have a mobile similar to any of them in components, you can still play.

The game has different car models that you can choose for each of the races, and you can even select different designs for each vehicle. The number of these, being the free version, is quite limited.

With this free version you will be able to access the quick races and some tournaments that you can unlock by playing more or buying them within the application.

Not only will you be able to play with cars, but also with Formula 1, and both the setting and the sound of the engines resembles reality, which gives a plus of realism to the game.

Pressing the pause button in the game gives you access to a large number of options. You can choose to turn with on-screen buttons or by moving your phone, and you can even customize the controls to leave them completely to your liking.

Moreover, you can modify the attitude of your teammate in the race, and even choose a name or nickname by which your team will call you to give you instructions throughout the race.

This is a great test of GRID Autosport, but if you want to enjoy the full experience, you’ll have to buy the game on Google Play, as there are many parts that can’t be accessed in the free version .

You can download GRID Autosport Custom Edition on your Android mobile or tablet from Google Play. Of course, you must keep in mind that this is a demanding game graphically.


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