Total War: Shogun 2 is available for free download on Steam. Creative Assembly gives away this real-time strategy title forever if we redeem it before May 1st, so hurry up and take advantage!

Shogun 2 is old, but it’s one of the most beloved titles in this veteran strategy series. It is set in 16th century Japan, during the Sengoku period. The country is no longer a unified state and there has been a long civil war between its many provinces.

We can control a good handful of these clans in campaign mode. The game presents a division between turn-based strategy and rather particular real-time strategy.

The first one is played as a kind of Risk, where we will decide where to send our troops, who to attack, and we will also have to manage everything related to the maintenance and prosperity of our clan.

The second, which is the RTS side, is already a pure and hard Total War. When we assault an enemy platoon, the battle will be decided in real time: we must lead our troops on the ground, flank the rivals, use the lead units and a host of other tactics. It’s a pretty complex game, but if you get into it, you’re in for tens or even hundreds of hours of fun.


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