A technical analysis compares the performance of Xbox Cloud Gaming on Xbox One to that of the console hardware itself. The result? Cloud gaming performs better.

Xbox’s commitment to cloud gaming through its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service is about to hit Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One consoles; at the moment it is in beta on PC and mobile devices, although there is a portion of users who have already been able to access the trial version of Xbox Cloud Gaming on consoles before it officially debuts this Christmas (although it still does not have a release date).

The Spanish youtuber El Analista de Bits is part of those people who have already been able to test the Xbox Cloud Gaming on consoles and taking advantage of this early access has decided to make a comparison between the performance of Xbox Cloud Gaming on Xbox One and the console hardware itself. Broadly speaking, the conclusion is that games run in streaming perform better than those run from the console’s internal storage.

It is worth remembering that Xbox Cloud Gaming streams games with performance similar to Xbox Series X/S, which means that even playing on a PC or mobile we will see the game with next-gen quality, as long as our Internet connection allows it. In the video from The Bit Analyst we can see a comparison of several games (Gears 5, Psychonauts 2, Forza Horizon 4, Hellblade, The Medium and Battlefield V) in which we observe how an Xbox One can play them with next-gen improvements, such as reduced load times and higher framerate, if you run them from Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Phil Spencer celebrates the good results

Even though this is still a technology in testing, the benchmark result is so good that even Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, shared it on his personal Twitter profile.


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