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Author: Jeff Williams has finally transitioned World of Warships from its closed beta into an almost ready-for-prime-time open beta.

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Now everyone can enjoy World of Warships in it’s open beta form. Arcade naval combat? Yes please.

Now in open beta, you can download World of Warships and take control of four classes of ships: destroyers, cruisers, battleships and even aircraft carriers. Float along 16 different geographic regions each with their own distinct geography and highly detailed landscapes. Blowing up your friends on the high-seas has never been more fun. The arcade like feel has, naturally, been retained here, letting you easily transition from the other two games.

At the moment you can only play as as either the USA or Japanese, though Britain, Germany, Russia/USSR, France and Italy are all planned for future updates, as are a number of smaller nations like Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

One of the greatest parts of playing World of Warships/Tanks/Warplanes is the great detail they put into the vehicle models. There are 74 initial ships you can play as with more than 100 real-life ship examples to be added later on. They’ll even be putting in ships that may not have actually been built, but were planned and designed in the real-world.


World of Warships is a natural progression for, bring their version of WWII vehicular combat to the sea. This will mark the third entry into the trilogy that they wanted to complete. Combat on the ocean is actually very well done and works well with the gameplay model that uses. The arcade-like feel works well and  is a lot of fun. That and sinking someone else in a hail of broadside firepower is simply extraordinary.

You can download the beta launcher now from their website and login with your existing account.

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