Valve has knocked more than 1,800 games out of Steam. What could have caused such an overwhelming decision? The video game platform accuses the publishers responsible for those titles of abusing Steamworks tools.

1,892 games have been removed from Steam in the last few hours. These include Crimson Earth 2, Sly Pigs, Dark Nebula VR and Angry Farm.

There’s more. More than 50 downloadable content (DLC) such as Super Trashforce Artworks, a tool and five demos have also been removed. Thus, 2,903 applications have been removed from Steam.

The videogame platform justifies its measure by the abuses of the editors of the contents of the tools that Steam makes available. “We recently discovered that a handful of partners were abusing Steamworks tools,” explained a Valve spokesperson.

Steamworks is a set of tools and services that help developers and publishers build their games and take full advantage of Steam distribution.

Apparently, Valve detected that some developers were using Steamworks to publish games with different names and also that others were selling other items or accessories along with their games in a parallel market including more or less camouflaged gambling games.


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