The world of video games has undergone a real revolution. Since they began, back in the 50’s with the mythical Tennis for two, and passing through classic 80’s like the Pac-Man, video games have evolved to unsuspected goals. The variety of themes and the infinite number of elements available to users today is incredible. Now gamers can be real axes of sport thanks, indeed, to video games. The market offers a multitude of video games and accessories to keep fit and have fun at the same time.

The latest big thing in this area is the Ring Fit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch. What would it be like to beat the bad guys at a squat? This video game, which comes with a ring – Ring-Con- and a leg strap, invites you to live an adventure as a family where you have to move your body a little to win.

At the beginning, a world that is being devastated by the evil Draco is presented. The aim of the players will be to prevent it. But to advance, to explore the territory and to finish off the enemies, they will have to exercise because the player’s movements in the real world will become the actions of the game’s character.

For example, in order for the character to walk, the user will have to move on the site. Also, depending on the color of the enemies they have to fight, participants will have to use their fists, push ups, kick or use incredible yoga techniques.

The operation is simple. The right knob is placed on the ring and the left knob is placed on the belt. The Ring-Con offers resistance and has a sensor that detects the changes and the effort made by the player. No cheating!

This is a great game for family fun, since the effort required to defeat the bad guys can be adjusted to the level of each user. Plus, laughter is guaranteed.

Sports for all tastes

Those who are nostalgic can opt for ‘Wii Fit‘. Thanks to sensor controls and a platform, this videogame allows you to play different sports without leaving your living room. Yoga, dance, aerobics…, ‘Wii Fit’ offers more than 40 tests to stay in shape. For adults, one of the most attractive elements of this video game is that it indicates the calories lost. For kids, it’s all about fun.

For dance lovers, the Justo Dance game is ideal. A dance floor, the best musical hits and a choreographer whose movements must be followed. Easy, fun and perfect for children and adults.

The Nike+Kinect Training and the Zumba Fitness Core on the X360, the EA Sports Active 2.0 on the PS3 or the Walk with me on the NDS are just a few of the hundreds of titles that can be found related to keeping fit by playing the console.


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