A few of weeks ago, Bungie Studios kicked off the 11th season of Destiny 2. Titled the “Season of the Arrivals”, it has brought new activities – such as the Prophecy Dungeon and the Contact public activity – and rewards via the season pass. As the season progresses, the Guardians will also be able to enjoy family events. These include the third edition of Solstice of Heroes – to be held between August 11 and September 8 – and new editions of the Iron Banner.

But soon Destiny 2 will have more in-depth changes, both in history and content. That’s why, through a recent live show, Mark Noseworthy and Luke Smith – general manager at Bungie and director of the game, respectively – have presented the contents that will arrive in the last season of Year 3 and what the future holds for the game.

As suspected, Destiny 2’s next big expansion will take the Guardians to a whole new location: Europe. What most didn’t suspect was that it would bring the return of the Unknown Exo from Destiny (2014). With the help of Eris Morn and the Wanderer, the Guardian – who belongs to a timeline in which the Darkness won – will seek to end a pyramid on Jupiter’s moon and confront the leader of the House of Demons: Eramis, who seeks revenge on the Traveler for abandoning his people.

This expansion, which will begin in Year 4, will be called Destiny 2: Beyond the Light. It will be available from 22 September 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, Steam and Stadia.

What will you implement? Beyond the typical – new weapons, armour and activities – Beyond the Light will introduce a new skill for the Guardians: the handling of Darkness. This will lead to the emergence of a new type of damage: stasis.

And what will the future hold?

Beyond the Light will only be the beginning. After all, Bungie Studios is thinking long-term. Noseworthy and Smith have revealed the names of the next two major expansions: The Witch Queen (2021) and Eclipse (2022). Although they did not reveal much, Noseworthy and Smith commented that an “era of darkness” is approaching Destiny 2.

While the future of the Guardians looks bleak, that will not be the case for Destiny 2 players and next-generation console users. After reiterating that the game will arrive on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, Noseworthy and Smith have revealed that it will have intergenerational and crossplay support. However, at the moment there is no release date.

That’s not all!

In addition to the graphical advantages the game will enjoy on these consoles, such as a constant framerate of 60 fps, those who currently own Destiny 2 content will not have to buy it again when making the leap to the next generation of consoles. In other words, they’ll be able to move everything they own to PS5 and Xbox Series X. For Xbox users, this is because Destiny 2 will have Smart Delivery support.


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