AER – Memories of Old

Download AER – Memories of Old for free from the Epic Games Store until July 2.

Epic Games Store offers us this coming week a beautiful open world adventure and exploration that stands out for its vibrant and minimalist artistic style. In AER – Memories of Old, players will have the opportunity to transform themselves into a bird and begin to travel through a land of floating islands in the sky, having to go into some lost ruins to discover the mysteries of this world.

Farming Simulator 16

Download free Farming Simulator 16 from Microsoft Store.

Inside Microsoft’s PC store we have the option to get several free video games, among them Farming Simulator 14 and Farming Simulator 16. These are two video games from the successful Giants Software saga focused on experiences for mobile devices, but they can also be enjoyed from PC being perhaps a good gateway to the agricultural simulator.

Stranger Things 3: The Game

Download Stranger Things 3 free from the Epic Games Store until July 2nd.

To the impatience of millions of viewers around the world, the fourth season of Stranger Things on Netflix looks like it’s going to take several months yet, which is why we may be able to satisfy our desire to take on the Back to Front World again in Stranger Things 3: The Game, a cooperative action video game loaded with puzzles that are being given away this week at the Epic Games Store.


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