Just over four years ago Valve announced the Steam Machines, the Steam Controller and Steam Link connectivity system as its commitment to bringing PC games into the living room. Today no one remembers the Steam Machines anymore, Steam Link has disappeared as a hardware device and the unique Steam Controllers are on their way to the sunset.

As Valve has confirmed to various media, the very low price of 5.5 euros that displays his controller during the week of Black Friday is not just a discount, it is to eliminate the inventory. This is the last batch ever made by the company, and once their stocks are gone, the Steam Controller will meet with the extinct Steam Machines.

Designed as the ideal complement to Valve and its partners’ mini gaming computers, the Steam Controller is a unique controller that replaces traditional control elements with tactile surfaces at the front and rear, providing haptic response to the user’s movements in order to imitate as much as possible the feeling of manipulating a mechanical component.

Although not as popular as expected, Steam Controllers are a technically remarkable product. Possibly one of the few gamepads (perhaps the only one) to provide almost mouse precision, and although initially the feeling of use can be baffling, many owners consider it one of the best controllers around. Proof of this is the large number of game profiles created by the user community.

According to the Steam page, there is only “a limited number” of controllers. Possibly this has been the end point for the strange and at the same time brilliant Steam Controller.


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