In recent years innovative video games have been developed that intertwine exercises with fun. The advance of technologies allows the industry of videogames to expand to levels never imagined and offering the user the possibility of entering more real universes every day.

The field of entertainment and video games catches millions of people around the world who spend hours sitting in front of their monitors trying to overcome levels and different challenges. But, so that you don’t fall into sedentarism and spend hours and hours sitting on a sofa endangering your health, here are two video games to help you have a toned body, no matter if you’re a man or a woman.

This is because in recent years they have developed innovative video games that intertwine exercise and entertainment.

Beat Saber

Beat Saber is one of the most successful virtual reality console games of the moment (and just bought by Facebook). Available for PlayStation 4, Oculus Quest and Microsoft Windows, it is a game of rhythm and skill in which, using virtual swords, different objects are cut to the sound of music. Calories are burned thanks to the multiple choreographies that have to be overcome.

Ring Fit Adventure

This Nintendo video game comes with a very special accessory very similar to the fitness rings that are used in classes like Pilates.

The Ring-Con comes with a ribbon that is tied to the leg and measures the steps to better record the workout. The two new accessories, the Ring-Con and the leg strap, accurately measure actions in the real world and convert them into movements within the video game.



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