Like every week, Epic Games Store offers one or more of the games in its PC catalogue for free. You can claim it at any time before July 23rd (next Thursday), and it will stay in your collection forever.

This week, the game offered is Torchlight II. It’s a dungeon crawler RPG, Diablo style. In fact, their studio, Runic Games, is made up of several former Blizzard members. It was originally released in 2012, but continues to attract players thanks to its local or online multiplayer (which is free) and its deep open world to explore. Get it here.

Next week’s games have also been confirmed: Next Up Hero and Tacoma.

Next Up Hero is a dungeon game with hand-drawn heroes, with a very casual style, but with all the depth you expect from this genre: various weapons and skills with which to equip your character and explore the dungeons.

On the other hand, Tacoma is an innovative narrative game set in a space station. You are a researcher exploring the abandoned station, delving into the past of the six crew members, who lived together for a long time experiencing love or loss.

Tacoma and Next Up Hero can be yours without paying a cent between July 23rd and 30th, but now it’s the turn of Torchlight 2.


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