Mobile devices, smartphones and tablets alike have largely replaced the use of massive computers or even laptops for most daily operations, which inevitably prompted manufacturers to increase their overall performance. In this regard, some have succeeded more than others, and the Android mobile device operative system is definitely one of the leaders nowadays.

First-person shooter games are predominantly made for Android and the likes, and those offering multiplatform compatibility are known to promote it via digital marketing services the likes of Either way, this gaming concept has remained popular since the early days of console video games, and all you have to do is pick the best one for your Android smartphone or tablet.

1. Critical Ops

This FPS mobile video game allows players to choose from a number of gameplay scenarios, something that not even highly functioning computer games are developed for. Namely, Critical Ops is based on a terrorist storyline, allowing the first person shooter to choose their side – the anti-terrorist unit or the aggressor. Plus, it can be played in multiplayer mode for more personalized competitiveness, and offers a number of other features for a seamless gameplay.

2. Guns of Boom

This game is just as popular as the list’s leader, and they both feature in-app purchases. What is more, despite its funny, cartoon-like design, Guns of Boom additionally provides loot boxes, weapons selection and online PvP combat. The sole functionality that has been a subject of some criticism is the autoshooting option – all players need to do is get the enemy in the crosshairs.

3. Hitman Sniper

If you prefer the calm breathing techniques of sniper shootings to those of street fights, then Hitman Sniper is the right FPS game for your Android device. It puts players in the role of a sniper, shooting from a building top (as usual), with 150+ missions, i.e. targets to hit. The only obstacle between you and the sniper’s crosshairs is that this game doesn’t come with a free version, so players will need to pay a one-time fee to purchase and install it onto their Android mobile device.

4. Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Despite being a mobile video game, Modern Combat 5: Blackout has achieved such massive success that its popularity allows players to turn to the online multiplayer feature at any time, without any lack of active online opponents. External controller functionality is further enabled, as well as a well-developed in-play selection of characters, gameplay modes and practically anything you can think to customize within a practically optimized graphics.

5. Morphite

The only thing that may have firmly pushed this game down to the fifth position is the fact that it requires a full app purchase, made within the free version. While the latter is just as player-friendly and provides all the functionalities, the range of gameplay storylines, and thus its entire variety are only scarcely present. Still, no matter whether players choose to stick to the free version or make a one-time payment, they will be able to experience the developer’s imaginative storytelling abilities.


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