While the idea of having your own full-fledged, triple-monitor racing sim outfitted with an authentic bucket seat and steering wheel setup may seem enticing, it doesn’t come cheap at all. Most of us are stuck with our work PC’s or what we’ve been able to build with our limited budgets. This doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy driving exotic supercars around the world on the most iconic tracks though.

There are many car games that are either really well optimized or have been made a few years back to work better on older hardware. From lifelike simulators to the arcade racers of the early days, there’s something for everyone. In this list, we’ll look at three great racing games that any low spec PC can run, along with two alternatives you may not have thought of.

GRID Series

Starting with Race Driver GRID and moving to GRID 2, these games are fairly new but run extremely well for the quality they produce. Even the third installment in the series, GRID Autosport, should work on lower midrange PCs. With a huge roster of customizable cars, a great variety of real-life tracks and unbeatable graphics performance, the GRID series is an essential title for any racing sim fan’s library. And don’t forget those satisfying crash physics.


Moving away from the constraints of reality and into the mad world of Flatout, this brutal racer puts you behind the wheel of insanely fast rides equipped with machine guns and missile launchers. From the satisfying destruction to the breakneck speeds, Flatout is a great title to let loose on. It looks great and will run on a toaster at maximum settings.

Need For Speed Series (Early Titles)

Because, at the end of the day, who didn’t grow up playing EA’s iconic line of games? Noteworthy titles that will run on any PC include Most Wanted, Hot Pursuit, Pro Street, Carbon, and Undercover. All of these provide a great arcade racing experience, large open worlds to explore, and the best customization options racing games of the time ever had.

Grand Theft Auto Series

As the title would suggest, Rockstar’s iconic series of open world games has a lot to do with cars. You can drive, customize, and swap a huge variety of vehicles in each of the games. Not only can you race these cars, but you can also explore the massive open world and do a variety of mini-games such as stunt missions. Titles that will run on virtually any PC include III, Vice City, and San Andreas.

Online Flash Racing Games

This might be a great nostalgia trip of a time long forgotten by many. The great thing about browser games is that they’ll run on virtually any computer provided you have a capable browser such as Google Chrome. Dedicated websites such as Arcade Lots have a variety of racing games for you to try.


So, there you have it, at least ten great games to try out and countless more available online. These games may be light, but they’ll still provide endless hours of fun for gamers of all ages and experience levels.


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