There is no doubt that the standard board games such as Risk, Monopoly, and Battleship remain vastly entertaining. However, several new games have emerged over the past years with designers dreaming up games on space escapades, deck-building chronicles, and zombie survival. In the section below are 5 of such games that you can play with your friends.

Without any further ado we start on the games.


This had been finest best released in 2016. In this stunning steampunk visualization of the Eastern Europe of the 1920s, five participants fight for provincial status, resources, and terrain control of a game board of a hexagonal shape.

Despite combating your pals with coal-driven mechs is a noteworthy element of this game; Scythe cannot be termed a combat-focused slog. This game aggressively reprimands direct combat, which could sound annoying and yet lends this game more strategy and balance. You’ll get engrossed in the game’s tactic and aesthetics while planning on action for every turn.

Falling Sky: The Gallic Revolt against Caesar

This game’s backdrop is 54 BC with Rome making its way to the pinnacle of its grandeur and having already taken over contemporary France. However, there’s rebellion all around, and with the nation plummeting into anarchy, just a single faction is going to emerge as the winner. Is it going to be Romans of Caesar, the Belgian, Gallic, Germanic, or Celtic tribe?

In this game with the Gallic Revolting against Caesar, a maximum of five players probe into the distant past using an extensive set of playing cards, role-playing this remarkable European invasion. The tactical war game draws on a play arrangement that orbits about pulling out from a semi-arbitrary card floor of past events. Every single card offers players diverse options for competing via politics, war, / tact on the game panel.


This game is bound to keep you conjecturing on who’ll be the winner right till the ultimate turn. As one of the top board games out there, & a ruthless tactical game, in Mombasa a maximum of four players scuttle for Africa as investors in colonial business, trading items like bananas and coffee, purchasing stock in four rival companies, and escorting resource-pursuing voyages inside the continent.

The game is really tricky as everyone is free to purchase stock in any company. Players moreover lift up and bring down the stock worth of every company while playing. A fascinating trait of the game is that its complete game technicalities revolve about bookkeeping.

Grand Austria Hotel

For those who are drawn to a board game for stress-testing their strategic pluck, this game is a real jam. You along with a maximum of three players are in control of the Viennese hotels and cafes at the turn of century. You’ll ensnare customers, execute their request for food and drinks, and hobble them into the rooms.

All of you are basically gunning for gathering the maximum victory points and for this you must balance 6 targets at once. They can be indulging for food coupons or engaging staff cards as they have bonuses.

Thunder and Lightning

This is a game that two players can play and it involves the Norse idols Loki and Thor in a solitary marathon combat. If you compare this with any custom card game it is absolutely straightforward. Players beckon cool monsters and combatants with their face downward in three lines and just the foremost monster of every row is given the freedom to attack. In any of your lines are sans cards, you must draw a lesser number of cards when you get your next turn. Every single fighting card is characterized by just a single stat and this defines its power.


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